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"Notes on the Kitchen-Middens of Sao Paulo, Brazil, and the Footprints of St Thomas, Alias Zome" (1873). "On the Ukara, or the Ukerewe Lake of Equatorial Africa" (1871). "Correspondence with British Ministers and Agents in Foreign Countries, and with Foreign Ministers in England, Relative to the Slave Trade" (1863). "The Turks, the Greeks, and the Slavs" (1877). "The Lake Regions of Central Equatorial Africa, with Notices of the Lunar Mountains and the Sources of the White Nile; Being the Results of an Expedition Undertaken Under the Patronage of Her Majesty's Government and the Royal Geographical Society of London, in the Years 1857-1859" (1859). "Two Trips on the Gold Coast: First Trip - The Beulah Gardens and the Ajumanti Hills. Personal Narrative of a Pilgrimage to Al Madinah and Meccah book. "Correspondence with British Ministers and Agents in Foreign Countries, and with Foreign Ministers in England, Relating to the Slave Trade" (1864), London: Harrison & Sons. "The Nizam Diamond: The Diamond in India" (1876). The British explorer and Arabist Sir Richard Francis Burton (1821–1890) published over 40 books and countless articles, monographs and letters. Skip to main content. "My Parentage and Early Career as a Slave; With a Note by R.F.B." "Harran el Awamid and Damascus Swamps" (1870). "The Loan of MSS. "Comments on Etruscan Researches" (1874). "Letter about plans after leaving Salt Lake City" (1860). "Patent for Fire Arms. "On Skulls from Annabom, in the West African Seas" (1864). "Stone Implements from the Gold Coast" (1883). " "Memorandum by Consul Captain Burton, on the Baghdad Caravan" (1871), In: "On Anthropological Collections from the Holy Land, with Notes on the Human Remains by Dr. "On Anthropological Collections from the Holy Land II" (1871). There's a problem loading this menu at the moment. "Geographical Notes" [on Lake Tanganyika] (1875). "Letter from Capt. "Zanzibar; and Two Months in East Africa" (1858), "A Coasting Voyage from Mombasa to the Pangani River; Visit to. His only works of original imaginative fiction are both in verse: Stone Talk (1865) and the well-known The Kasidah (1880), both of which he published under the pseudonym "Frank Baker". Specification of Capt R. F. Burton, 1876" (1875), London: Eyre & Spottiswood. 25 Complete Works (Arabian Nights, Vikram and the Vampire) (Annotated), Delphi Collected Works of Sir Richard Francis Burton (Illustrated) (Delphi Series Seven Book 19), Captain Sir Richard Francis Burton: The Secret Agent Who Made the Pilgrimage to Mecca, Discovered the Kama Sutra, Brought the Arabian Nights to the, The Real-Life World's Most Interesting Men: Victorian Explorers Francis Burton and Richard M. Stanley: History 1-Hour Reads, Book 3, Off the Edge of the Map: Marco Polo, Captain Cook, and 9 Other Travelers and Explorers That Pushed the Boundaries of the Known World, Six more explorers: Vasco Da Gama, Ferdinand Magellan, Jacques Cartier, Mungo Park, Richard Burton, Roald Amundsen (Living Names), Personal Narrative of a Pilgrimage to Al-Madinah & Meccah, Burton: A Biography of Sir Richard Francis Burton: Life of Sir Richard Francis Burton, The Arabian Nights (Barnes & Noble Leatherbound Classic Collection). "The Ogham-Runes and El-Mushajjar: A Study" (1882). "Sosivizka the Bandit of Dalmatia" (1875). 141. II: Palmyra" (1872). "Explanation of an Altar-Stone from Jebel Duruz Hauran, and a Thurible of Bronze from Near Damascus" (1872). "Vikram and the Vampire; Or, Tales of Indian Devilry" (1868). "Chapters from Travel No I: Damascus" (1872). London: Clayton Co. n.d. [but 1871]. "The Indian Affinities of the Gypsies" (1875). 3069. "Scoperte Antropologiche in Ossero" (1876). "The Late E. H. Palmer: II. "L'Afrique Equatoriale: Gabonais Pahouins-Gallois" (1875). "An Exploration of the Elephant Mountain in Western Equatorial Africa" (1863). (1874). A linguist, soldier, explorer, spy, and author (among many other things), Burton lived a life of almost unparalleled adventure that spanned nearly five continents and seven decades. I st. No. Online shopping from a great selection at Books Store. "Notes Relative to the Population of the Sind; and the Customs, Language, and Literature of the People".

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