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5%. Contents. I've used it for a few years. 1 Why The Redcon1 Total War Pre Workout? Overall Rating. Support Lean Gains While Fighting Catabolism with Laxogenin! They are offering 100mg of the 5-alpha-hydroxy-laxogenin per capsules and they say this absolutely destroys the competition on a mg basis, by a mile even. I emailed customer service and they basically said “sorry want a gift card?” Not sure I want to be spending more money on untested supplements. Sort & Filter Most Recent Most Helpful All Reviews (349) Verified Buyers (348) Overall Rating. It works. 2 star. 1 star. That absolutely destroys the competition mg for mg, by a mile. 3 star. Redcon1 knows a thing or two about supplements and they really set of to prove that with Halo, their natural anabolic. 5 star. Why The Redcon1 Total War Pre Workout? It helps to enhance endurance so that the user can be able to perform even more workouts without running out of power easily. Follidrone or Redcon1 Halo/MOAB. RedCon1 Halo Reviews. What's the hype over Halo? It claims to help users achieve energy, strength and stamina needed to perform workouts. That absolutely destroys the competition mg for mg, by a mile. 16%. RedCon1 Halo is a good anabolic supplement that can be used by people who like to build their bodies and achieve the lean body muscle. 4.7 out of 5 stars. Of course, we bought a tub of Total War to present you with an unbiased product review. Thread starter James496; Start date Jan 10, 2020; Sort by votes. It's time tested. 1%. I'm a massive fan of follidrone. RedCon1 Halo Review – The Bottom Line. 77%. Attached Images. Research suggests that … halo halo halo halo supplement We took the highly potent ingredient Laxogenin and turned it up a notch. 2DBAA178-74BC-425C-A085-D0A03562B4D2.jpg‎ (34.5 KB, 25 views) … It’s the same company that is known for the Total War Pre-workout.. Awards 0. RedCon1 Halo. * View Product. I cracked it open and found little metal pieces in the capsules. halo halo halo halo supplement We took the powerful ingredient Laxogenin and turned it up a notch. Ok, how about 4 notches! What's the hype over Halo? Halo is a muscle builder developed by RedCon1. 100mg of Laxogenin per capsule. This product is made up of the highly potent Laxogenin ingredient and Redcon1 says they have turned it up a notch. This product is referred to as a natural anabolic that could help you reach your physique goals in a natural and safe way. Reviews (349) Verified Buyers (348) Review Graph. Let's take a closer at the Redcon1 Total War Pre Workout to see if it's worth buying! Jan 10, 2020 #1 Hi Guys Currently building my next bulking stack. 1%. There is a few synthetics in there but that is for another section. Ok, how about 4 notches of laxogenin per capsules. 4 star. Recently purchased Redcon1 “halo” and noticed black specks in most of the capsules. By: RedCon1. Write Review. James496 New member. 2 My Experience With The Total War Pre Workout; 3 Total War Preworkout Ingredients; 4 Redcon1 Total War Pre Workout: Yes Or No?

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