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I’ve been transferring some of my recipes from another, older app which no longer serves me as well. The ability to duplicate recipes was the one feature I felt this was missing. I like being able to edit them, add notes and photos. It is so worth the $4.99 price tag! Overall a great app. It’s not an upgrade if your data disappears. I don’t mind at all paying $5 for the upgrade or even $10 if I put it on both iOS and droid. Very adaptable. I usually just get ingredients and gauge everything on look, colors and taste. It is very easy to use and especially easy to import recipes and edit. After using another recipe app for more than 5 years that went defunct and collected hundreds of recipes over those years, I finally found the perfect replacement! Don’t get me wrong, I believe developers should get paid for their work. And the fact it adds the recipe name to the grocery list can be useful. This app needs small updates in order to be a 5 star app. I can quickly and easily enter recipes on my PC, or copy them directly from websites, and they are automatically available in my tablet for use. What they fail to mention is that with each device, you STILL have to purchase the pro version! I love this app! Recipe manager with search and import features. It looks like you can but then it won’t let you do anything but add the title and categories. Brit Lit Professor's Review of Recipe Keeper. Can add notes also. This beats Evernote and every other app I have used for grabbing recipes off of the Internet! On your iPad? Easy to get recipes off most websites (unless the site doesn’t allow it, then cut and paste works wonderfully). This is the best app for capturing recipes from the internet, collating and organizing them, keeping track of the sources, and adapting recipes, or even creating and writing your own that I’ve found so far. Recipes are easy to upload and manage. Nothing fancy, just BIU. It's easy to import and add your own recipes and images. When imported only some of ingredients get listed. We share her login. Has a spot for pictures of the recipe your making. 24-OCT-2018 Update: My mom and aunt use this also. Best app ever! Add other items to the grocery list! You tap the “send to” button, but instead of popping up the usual dialog menu that would allow printing, you instead get a pop-up to share a link. Used to be a great app but due to changes the import recipe from a web page no longer works. messengerangel03's Review of Recipe Keeper. I decided while it wasn’t as pretty, it was simple and downloaded recipes off the Web with ease. You are supposed to be able to use your app on multiple devices that you own, but... you can't. It does have a certain storage maximum for the free version, so I paid for the full version no questions asked. It is easy to try the free version, and you’ll see that the low price of the full version is well worth its price! My review is hardly needed as I agree with so many other reviews already posted. I love the addition of the nutritional information. Glad I tried it free first. One thing that would be useful is if when sync’ing between the phone, computer and my iPad, the categories don't all sync up. The search engine is flawless. cooking man, every wifes dream's Review of Recipe Keeper. (I did spend a couple hours one afternoon importing various recipes but it was totally worth it.) My only complaint is that when you upload pictures to it they become terribly low quality. Imports recipes, allows customization of categories, combines ingredient lists when generating a shopping list, uploads photos, able to add notes, share with friends. I especially like the ability to import a recipe from a website. I was using another recipe/meal planning app, but for many reasons decided to search for a new app. I don’t need an internet connection to access saved recipes (like when I use Pinterest). I have been able to import from websites, blogs, etc. Recipe Keeper is an up-to-date, indeed elegant program. The only thing I don’t like is that it says you can sync between devices, which you can, but if your device is on a different platform (a.k.a Android) the app must be purchased again. Disclosure: is not affiliated in any way including development, production, management, marketing, design, or otherwise with any iOS app. Added 25 new color schemes. I started using recipe keeper on my MacBook and really enjoyed it. Regardless, this is still a 5 star app for me. Well today, I was reaching my 20-recipe-free limit and decided since I’ve enjoyed it so much I’d take the plunge and do the upgrade. SaraMichelle828's Review of Recipe Keeper, This app has seriously made a huge impact on my life. This is great. Easy to import recipes from web except if recipes are preface by long ‘intros’. Positive & Negative Reviews: Recipe Keeper - 10 Similar Apps, 4 Review Highlights & 8,318 Reviews. It's easy as pasting in the URL. I upgraded and am very happy!

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