recipe for cooking pears

Serve it with a green salad or a vegetable for a unique meal that will please the whole family. These sweet and savory pear recipes put ripe pears in the spotlight with poached pears, baked pears, healthy pear recipes and even pear recipes for breakfast. Cinnamon Baked Pears … Though recipes abound for cooking pears in everything from perry to earl grey tea, here I have limited my investigation to the classic red wine version, … Their tender, juicy flesh tends to fall apart when baked whole or used in pies. Scroll through for all the pear dessert recipes you'll needfrom cinnamon baked pears to pies, cakes, cookies, and more. Horticulture Innovation Australia Ltd. Level 7, 141 Walker Street, North Sydney 2060. Ph: 02 8295 2300 Fax: 02 8295 2399 Email us CONTACT US. Avoid Comice pears for cooking. View Gallery 15 Photos Chelsea Lupkin. 1 of 15. Both chicken breasts and pears cook quickly, so this recipe comes together in a flash for an easy pear and ginger chicken dinner. Sweet pears, spicy fresh ginger, chicken broth, and savory onion drippings make a delightful sauce you'll want to soak up with pasta or rice as a side.

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