real damascus steel vs fake

While it a marketing term applied to Katana, the term itself comes from the city of Damascus in Syria and refers more properly to Wootz steel - which was produced in India and exported to the middle East. If you re-etch it, it should be visible. I have a hooey knife and just curious if anyone was familiar with that brand and weather they are actually Damascus blades. Is that a sign of a fake? For starters, it is important to note that the original Damascus steel is characterized by distinctive bands of patterns that resemble patterns formed by flowing water. But just as all arists vary in talent, if you find a talented knife maker in Pakistan, you can get some very nice work relatively cheap. Damascus knives are becoming more popular and more prevalent from the most popular knife brands like Spyderco (with the Endura and others) to lesser known brands like BucknBear. A Straight Arrow is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to,,, and other Amazon stores worldwide. There are many types of patterns you can achieve during the process of making pattern-welded steel. There is one on Pinterest, but not wanting an account with them, it does not provide a price . Ones in Uzbekistan I saw Damascus blade and I was surprised by it’s superb qualities. Damascus is that wavy pattern in steel that looks exotic and downright gorgeous. Oh, you got a Damascus steel folder for only $40? Before determining whether your Damascus is fake or real, we should first define what Damascus actually is. No mention of labor cost overseas. Also people saying that a Japanese katana is damascus are completely wrong. You can achieve these specific patterns by folding the steel and manipulating it in very specific ways. No matter where you cut the cake, the surfaces show the pattern. One of the most pressing concerns that knife-lovers face is whether Damascus steel is real or fake. You can ” simply a composite of different steels by “forged” welding, as minimum two different metals: high carbon and low carbon”, but it will never be a Damascus. Because of all the tricksterism plaguing the knife community, I often get asked whether a knife is real or fake. Best Compound Bows of 2019 – Selection Guide and Reviews, ESEE Model 5 Survival Fixed Blade Knife Review, 6 Different Activities for Those That Love the Great Outdoors, How to Prepare for a Wild Cross Country Skiing Trip. The eBay stuff, you never know what you are going to get. Once it’s nice and polished, etch it with ferric chloride or muriatic acid. That is called a hada with hi and low carbon. Wootz is just an alloy, not welded or forged layers…. The steel is uniformly colored and the difference between the bands is subtle. Actually a couple of Syrian brothers and some dude in Florida are the only three left. It’s also possible that the blade is San Mai, which is laminated. If after this test is carried out and you notice that the dark layer has become lighter or nothing is changed while the light layer remains unchanged this could be a stainless damascene. Many of these have different names and looks — sharktooth, basketweave, typhoon, dot matrix, and more more. Ivan anyone please tell me if they’ve heard of this maker, or that it’s only presented with his name and is truly a fake. Just watch this video: But many people still have concerns about the authenticity of their Damascus, so I’ll answer some common questions people have about the steel. Most fake Damascus patterns that look “real” are laser etched. Companies, good knife companies even, figured this out years ago. Some people still insist that any Damascus steel made through the pattern-welded method and etching is not real Damascus. Don’t buy off eBay, but if you do, don’t be surprised to see a Damascus fixed blade on there from Pakistan for a few bucks. Probably the most popular pattern is the “random” pattern, which is why the Damascus may look different from one knife to the other. Considering pretty much every single knife on the market that says it’s Damascus is pattern-welded steel, it’s not a big deal. I then did Amazon’s search, but absolutely nothing came from this Brett Martin. Also, Wootz secret was lost, Damascus secret WAS NEVER LOST! Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates. Damascus steel knives are considered ideal hunting knives. Forging the material into a desired shape (such as a sword blade) alters the crystalline structure into the familiar waving or watered pattern that Damascus steel is known for. True Damascus steel should be like those cakes that have colorful layers. Completely, dramatically different technology! If you are honest you will also chose the strength over the look, any day, and especially if your life depended on it.

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