razor sharp fillet knife

This fillet knife came razor sharp the handle has nice grip so when your cutting your catch your hand dosent slip. Fish ’n Fillet® The original features progressively tapered, full-tang blades of European stainless steel that take and hold an ultra-sharp edge. The knife is finished with a Chromium finish (17%) and this prevents rust and any unsightly tarnish. The company is extremely confident about the quality and craftsmanship of the knives. Perfect flimsey blade for cutting around and saving every bit of meat. Model No. Includes single-stage sharpener to maintain razor sharp edge. This has a razor-sharp finish and is ready for every meal as you get a sharpener with this too. Overall would reccomend this product to anyone who is in the market for a fillet knife. The best way is to wash you knife with hands for longevity. Birch handle, fine tooled leather sheath. Handle Length Blade Length BPFNF4SH1 3-7/8" 4" BPFNF6SH1 4-3/4" 6" BPFNF7SH1 5" 7-1/2"

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