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Raynor returned to Shiloh and met up with Hammond, where he learnt of the dire straits of his parents, his homeworld and Hammond's intent to move to Mar Sara. [31], Raynor developed good leadership and excellent tactical acumen through practical experience; a lack of formal training allowed him to avoid the preconceived notions of "accepted" knowledge. Threatening Tosh, who was feeling safe 6 light years away, Raynor watched as Nova sneaked from behind and killed him.[118]. Raynor was arrested, demoted to private and jailed for a month for assaulting Rockwell. [14] Hickson taught Raynor to "hide" in "spider holes" within his mind. DC Direct sells a 7.5 inch high Raynor collectible statue. [14][13] Raynor believed he would have died or gone insane if it wasn't for Hickson.[15]. [13] He doesn't hate easily, but when he does so, it's intense. [63] Kerrigan contacted Raynor and Fenix there, warning them about the new Overmind and the UED's plan to control it. Jim Raynor accepted Hammond's offer[25] in 2496[26]—Hammond accepted, making Raynor a marshal and erasing his army record. [8] He is the "loneliest person in the universe" and his journey for redemption and rocky relationship with Kerrigan makes up the heart of the StarCraft universe in his mind. At HSC XX Reynor looked once again more dominant than his Finnish counterpart, getting to the Grand Final relatively unhassled. The prisoners accepted, and raided the camp, but two of his prisoners, T-Bone Smalls and Rodney Oseen, betrayed Raynor and knocked him unconscious. So I'm going back to. Raynor, separated from his crew, was forced to team up with the War Pigs. I'm Jim Raynor, Marshal of these parts.". Find spider holes in your mind, and crawl into them. This time Reynor tried to keep up in straight-up games, but ultimately failed to do so, and lost 3-0 to the eventual Champion of the tournament. At the first online version of the HSC, the StayAtHomestory Cup #1, Reynor failed to reach his Rival awaiting in the Semifinals with a loss to Solar in the Ro8. Hanson revealed her affections, but accepted Raynor's decision. Reynor started playing StarCraft II from a young age, following in the footsteps of his father who also played SC2. What happened, Jimmy - the war for truth and justice get too much for ya? In light of Daun's pursuit of the duo however, the deal was changed somewhat—O'Banon would give them protection, but in return, he'd have the greater share of the profits per job. While he'd made a few strikes against the forces of the Terran Dominion, he was at a loss as to how to proceed, especially with so many looking up to him. [172], Robert Clotworthy was hired to voice act for Raynor in StarCraft: Ghost. However, it was shot down, killing the pilot and seriously injuring a recruit, Santhay. Unknown to Raynor and the War Pigs, Hickson was altered by a subconscious form of neural resocialization to kill Raynor. [29], - Arcturus Mengsk explaining to Mike Liberty how he manipulated Raynor(src), The Sons of Korhal then withdrew to Antiga Prime, a border world whose colony was on the verge of revolt but effectively suppressed by Alpha Squadron. However, the Kel-Morians put up stiff resistance. Harnack called one a freak, prompting several to attack him. Mengsk voiced concern over their relationship, calling Kerrigan dangerous and nothing more than a weapon, which caused Raynor to begin to distrust of the general. [29] Sympathy gave way to mutual friendship[12] and they grew close. Biographical That it was announced that training was being shortened didn't help matters. He later stated that the built was poorly executed and he tried to improve on his general play. Don't take that away from me-not here, not now. He left to get suited up. [24], - Raynor's final words to Vanderspool(src), Remembering Hammond's offer, Raynor visited his friend on Mar Sara. In the Grand Final, the Rematch Curse stroke once again, with Reynor winning another Final over his rival. [21] As the civilians rallied to them, the two even captured General Kervock. Added to which was Hammond's message on New Sydney (the one that he'd missed) and soon, his status in Deadman's Port had lost its appeal. However, their situation was further complicated by the presence of Wilkes Butler, who was attending the Interstellar Marshals Convention. His companion offered him a business proposition to "liberate" alien artifacts from the Dominion to sell to the Moebius Foundation. [13], - Cole Hickson mentors Jim Raynor on resisting torture(src). Realizing Hurley had ratted them out to the gangsters, Findlay nearly beat him to death. Although he believed in Mengsk's cause and felt indebted to him for his rescue from the Merrimack, he was uneasy at what Mengsk was asking of them. She offered the services of her mercenaries, but only if Raynor could meet her price before Orlan did. Do you remember what I used to tell you, Son? Meanwhile, Vanderspool plotted a theft of ardeon crystals from Korsy's train system, with the collusion of Errol Bennet (father of "Ryk Kydd") and Kel-Morian Overseer Aaron Pax. Feek developed the CMC-230 "Thunderstrike" armor, designed to allow controlled descents from dropships. Lieutenant Marcus Quigby (whom Raynor was unimpressed with) was put in charge, and Findlay would lead the first squad within, which consisted of Hank Harnack, Ryk Kydd, Jim Raynor, Connor Ward, and Max Zander.

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