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There is little doubt that rival temple Enraku-ji played some hand in the denial. Apr 08, 2013 @ 21:08:23, nicely done…………..an informative, educational and fun read. Modern author Kyogoku Natsuhiko used the story of Raigo as the basis for his mystery novel “Tesso no Ori” (鉄鼠の檻; The Cage of the Tesso). Personality traits Fact: Young rodents avoid objects and food items simply by following their mother around just after being weaned. :S Hope we can read the translation someday, and better if you translate it! 1 Description 2 Trivia 3 Gallery 4 References When a mouse or a rat reaches one thousand years of age, it turns into a gigantic rodent yōkai called a kyūso. At the time, Enraku-ji’s power was absolute. When I brought up the topic with my 49-year-old wife, she abruptly said “Stop it. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. That is the story of the Emperor Shirakawa, his son Prince Taruhito, and the Abbot of Miidera temple Raigo—better known as Tesso, the Iron Rat; or more simply as Raigo the Rat. The 48-volume Genpei Seisuiki version has Raigo attacking Enraku-ji with his army of rats, and in the 14th century historical epic Taiheiki (太平記; Record of the Great Peace) Raigo is described as having a body of stone and claws and teeth of iron. The tale begins with the Emperor Shirakawa, who was desperate for an heir to his throne. They purchased the cat, and once again released it into the house. There is an old saying: “kyūso neko wo kamu” (“a cornered rat will bite a cat”). Enraku-ji was not about to allow new Tendai monks to be ordained at Miidera, a privilege they reserved for themselves. What happened next was strange—up until now this is the usual ghost story with Raigo returning as a yurei. The author, Richard Freeman, comments on here from time to time. The cat leaped upon the kyūso, but the rat was stronger. Raigo used black magic to ensure he was reborn after death as a dread yokai. A huge rat weighing over 26 kilograms was living in the temple’s main building, and had been terrorizing the priests for years. Mark Schumacher Gyokutei puts Raigo into a different historical narrative, telling the story of Shimizu Yoshitaka (also known as Minamoto no Yoshitaka), the orphaned son of Minamoto no Yoshihara. Yokai Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. Literally “Fox, Dog, and Tanuki.” Kokkuri was an extremely popular mass-culture divination game in the 1880s. His loyal companions are his father, who has mostly decayed and takes the form of an eyeball, a rat-man, and a cat-girl. Plus, I did a lot of cats last year. Legends: Long ago, during the reign of Emperor Shirakawa (1073-1087 CE), there lived a monk named Raigō.Raigō was the abbot of Mii-dera, a monastery in Shiga prefecture at the foot of Mount Hiei, and well known for his piety. Shrine records show Raigo was the Abbot of Miidera, and at one time petitioned Emperor Shirakawa for funds to build an ordination platform—a petition that was denied. BUT FIRST…FOR THOSE WHO DO NOT KNOW, I AM NOT TYPING LIKE THIS TO YELL, I HAVE EYE ISSUES SO I TYPE LIKE THIS TO SEE BETTER, THANK YOU. Miidera shrine has the most obvious connection, and has a small monument and shrine dedicated to Raigo also called the Shrine of the Rat. However, Mt. The kanji for Tesso is about as straight-forward as you can get. I like the idea of there being a Japanese-styled ‘Odyssey.’ That’s kinda fun~, By the way – I just thought I’d mention that I’m starting up a Japanese-English translation business. Big Sale on Yurei: The Japanese Ghost !!! Translated Japanese Ghost Stories and Tales of the Weird and the Strange, by Zack Davisson Otherwise, the person you betrayed might hold it against you and transform into a giant rat with iron claws and teeth and kill your first-born son. One province claims Jesus didn’t die on the Cross, he died in Japan after marrying a Japanese woman and baring children. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. I WISH I COULD READ IT, IT SOUNDS LIKE A GREAT SORY). The story of Raigo comes from the Heike Monogatari (平家物語; Tale of the Heike) an epic poem from the Heian period that tells of the Heike/Taira wars that split Japan as two factions struggled for the throne. The newly-named Raigo the Rat invaded Enraku-ji with an army of rats, devouring their rare and valuable Buddhist scriptures, and even eating statues of the of the Buddha himself. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Just enter your email address, click I Love Kaidan and start getting translated Kaidan by mail! This was translated for Mike Mignola, who picked out Tesso from a copy of Mizuki Shigeru’s Mujyara that I showed him at Emerald City Comic Con. ^_^. Despite their ferocity, kyūso are not entirely monstrous. I know you do a lot of translation work here yourself, but if you or someone you know needs some extra help, let me know! As an additional twist, Yoshitaka is hunted by Nekoma Mitsuzane (who’s name ironically begins with the kanji for “cat” in a traditional cat-and-mouse game). The cat was a stray taken in by a priest named Ingen from Ōtaki Temple. In her place, the kyūso visited the kittens every night and took care of them. Mignola liked the illustration of Tesso, and I am only too happy to give him the story behind the image. If the mother rat bypasses a trap or bait, a young rat may also bypass these items. The Emperor had no choice but to break his promise to Raigo. Have you never played the Ouija board game? HELLO…I AM WRITING MY OWN STORY ABOUT RAIGO/TESSO AND ALTHOUGH I AM FULLY AWARE OF THE LEGEND, AND HAVE READ SOME TRANSLATED THINGS THAT GIVE A (VERY SMALL) BIT OF MORE INFO ON HIS PERSONALITY, I AM LOOKING FOR A MORE DETAILED STORY, (AND HONESTLY AS I KIND OF MENTIONED BEFORE, I NEED SOMETHING THAT ISN’T JUST A FEW SUPPOSED “QUOTES” FROM HIM AND/OR ONE PAGE DESCRIBING HIS LEGEND). THANK YOU ALL, AND HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY/NIGHT.

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