rare fish in pa

RADNOR TOWNSHIP, PA (CBS) — Radnor Township police say a rare Alligator Gar fish was found dead in a local pond this week. The endangered sheepnose (Plethobasus cyphyus) is found in the shallow areas of larger streams across the Midwest and Southeast, including Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia. lori: the alligator gar was spotted at a pond in radnor township, delaware county. Like many mussels, the endangered sheepnose has a complex life cycle with a stage that relies on fish to grow from the larval stage to juvenile mussels. ERIE, Pa. (KDKA) — An Erie man caught a huge fish that is considered endangered, and can live up to 100 years. turnpike, only a 13 minute drive. Radnor: A rare fish which was recently found in the pond at Fenimore Park in Pennsylvania has left netizens intrigued. Rare paddlefish caught in Pennsylvania river. jere: a rare fish washed up in a pond, near philadelphia. Radnor Township Police Department took to Facebook to share photos of the rare discovery. They likely are the grown-up remnants of a reintroduction effort by the Pennsylvania Fish … The fish resembles an alligator. The fish called the Alligator gar was spotted by a local who notified the Radnor Township Animal Control. The fish is commonly found in the Gulf of Mexico.

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