quantum math explained

A wave function or wave function is a mathematical tool in quantum mechanics that describes the quantum state of a particle or system of particles. Quantum mechanics (QM) developed over many decades, beginning as a set of controversial mathematical explanations of experiments that the math of classical mechanics could not explain. Two models of atomic structure are in use today: the Bohr model and the quantum mechanical model. You might think atoms behave the same way as everything else in the world, in their own tiny little way—but that's not true: on the atomic scale, the rules change and the "classical" laws of physics we take for granted in our everyday world no longer automatically apply. The quantum mechanical model is based on mathematics. It is commonly applied as a property of particles relating to their wave-particle duality, where it is denoted ψ(position,time) and where |ψ| 2 is equal to the chance of finding the subject at a certain time and position. A quantum of energy is the least amount possible (or the least extra amount), and quantum mechanics describes how that energy moves or interacts. Quantum mechanics explains how the universe works at a scale smaller than atoms. It is also called quantum physics or quantum theory.Mechanics is the part of physics that explains how things move and quantum is the Latin word for 'how much' . ... the math becomes impossible. A model is useful because it helps you […] This explained why no matter how long you left the light on the surface there would be no emission unless the individual photons had enough energy. However, quantum computers running Shor’s algorithm will be able to break math-based systems in moments. Quantum gravity attempts to explain how gravity works on the universe's smallest particles. Quantum cryptography, on the other hand, uses the principles of quantum mechanics to send secure messages, and unlike mathematical encryption, is truly un-hackable. Although it is more difficult to understand than the Bohr model, it can be used to explain observations made on complex atoms. A mathematical function, the wavefunction, provides information about the probability amplitude of position, momentum, and other physical properties of a particle. Quantum theory is the branch of physics that deals with the world of atoms and the smaller (subatomic) particles inside them. The mathematical formulations of quantum mechanics are abstract. ... We have now changed to as this will be the equation that works and is the common symbol used for quantum mechanical waves, … [6]

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