puerto rican recaito recipe

People use the names “Recao”, “Recaito” and “Sofrito” interchangeably. Recaíto or recaío is a cooking base used to build the flavor in Puerto Rican recipes such as rice and beans, stews, and soups. https://www.kitchengidget.com/2016/07/30/puerto-rican-sofrito-recipe https://www.onions-usa.org/recipes/295-Puerto_Rican_Recaito Since the term sofrito is used by most Puerto Ricans to describe this recipe, I’ll refer to it as such. The word sofrito actually is the process of cooking this flavor base with tomatoes, whereas recaito is just the green base, itself. As for especias molidas, this is a term that Cuca uses, and rather inappropriately, as recaito is a blend of herbs and aromatics, with nary a spice involved. When recaito is friend in oil (or lard) as the basis of a recipe, it then becomes 'sofrito', derived from the Spanish word for sautee: sofreir.

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