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Jan 3. I Googled these terms and listed below some of the descriptions I found. The key to living the life you want is to stop being reactive and to start being proactive, learning to control your destiny. The path to those desires will stick out prominently when they come about. Can you rewire yourself to move towards that life instead of away from the one you are now? One day as he was sun-bathing, he saw an ant pushing a bread crumb across the ground. Did you like this post? The grasshopper asked, “Hey brother! I have a different take on the issue of proactive vs reactive than what you might be used to. Consider where you want to work and live, but you should also think about the type of friends you would like to have etc. The key point here is you are 'forced' in to acting by circumstances which often leave you with little choice in the situation. Do things happen to you or do you make things happen? Step 3: Identify changes you can make. It is made up of various parts that make the machine only as strong and reliable as its weakest link. What is all of the proactive vs. reactive work you did throughout these last couple of weeks? Do your definitions hold? Rather than being driven by negativity, being proactive is about visualising your preferred circumstances and finding ways to turn them into a reality. For example, reactive people will wait until they are unfulfilled at work before making a change. When you are proactive, you gain experience that can enlarge your comfort zone. Having a proactive mindset is also critical in sales coaching – yet, few sales managers currently coach proactively, instead coaching reactively as issues crop up. Do you hand in the report late, knowing that you’ll be ostracized for it and let your team down? Put a successful football coach, such as Louis van Gaal, and an unsuccessful football coach, such as Frank de Boer, next to each other. You go beyond the current rules of engagement where predictable scenarios lie in your anticipation, and instead, you act outside those parameters. Written By Sami Badrakhan. What organization can you add to make the best use of your time for each? January 23, 2017. Back. Please share! Being proactive in that same example would have led to surveying jobs from a position of strength and even happiness looking for jobs that align with your goals and values. Each classroom is like a machine. Remaining reactive to life will prevent you from reaching your goals and realising your true potential, and you don't want to fall into that trap. So go be Aurelian-level proactive, friends. You can tell from someone’s language how proactive that person is. If one of the parts fail, it begins to break down. Game Changer: a refreshing lens on “proactive vs reactive” Leave a Comment / Leadership / By Aurelian Coaching. Reactive vs. Proactive. Since nobody will read it, you can be completely open and honest with yourself. If you feel unfulfilled at work or are unhappy with the direction in which your life is moving, you are not alone. If you feel unfulfilled at work or are unhappy with the direction in which your life is moving, you are not alone. Proactive Versus Reactive: The Key to a Fulfilling Life. On the opposite, being reactive may decrease one’s ability to cope with change, so that it becomes harder to be proactive in the future. Your outlook on life from this perspective is very important. Your first task is to grab pen and paper so that you can write down what you are looking for. Folder: Coaching. That’s right. You just have to turn on the TV after sports matches and you will immediately hear in the interviews who is proactive and who is reactive. They might put in the effort to find a new job and be satisfied for a while, but lasting happiness will be just out of reach as the same itch or need to move arises. Are You Reactive or Proactive? *Note that individual results will vary and success is not guaranteed. It then becomes easier to act proactively in the future. Flipping the narrative to what would make you feel good instead of thinking about what doesn't make you feel good should put you in a better place mentally to start off with. I have a different take on the issue of proactive vs reactive than what you might be used to. Most define these terms in the context of expectation or anticipation. If you want more insights and tools to help you manage work and life a little better – new ways of thinking, rather than doing – then join the email list on the very top bar of this page. He lived like he did not have a care in the world. Our goal is to provide perspective, motivation and coaching that enables individuals to make major changes and improvements in their lives, but the effort and persistence applied will define how big the impact is in your life or business. For example, if you really want adventure and only mildly dislike being uncomfortable then when the next road trip suggestion comes up why not push past your comfort instinct and say yes? You do something unexpected to thrill someone, or to help someone instead of doing what you’ve always done. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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