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Interestingly, the often-quoted Ralph Waldo Emerson once stated, “I hate quotations. You can also rotate them at slightly different angles. Find Your Quote Texture Blue No 53. The advantage of these collections is that they don’t necessarily contain a specific keyword. Citations and references are selected separately in PowerPoint, so your reference list will not be generated automatically. Subscribe to my newsletter to stay informed on all of my latest presentation tips, articles, and resources! Experiment with different synonyms as well as plural forms. (check out this blog post for some inspiration ). You might want to double-check who the most likely source was using Wikiquote or Ralph Keyes’ Quote Verifier book. DataPoint technology is used here, as a PowerPoint add-on, to display real-time information from databases, Excel and information sources over the internet. With a minimalist approach your audience isn’t distracted from focusing on the key point or message within the quote. Add text in PowerPoint. How to Cite Pictures and Images in PowerPoint. Unlike citations in Microsoft Word or other Office software, PowerPoint isn’t really designed with referencing in mind. Also, you can adjust the font size (we couldn’t do it in Method 1), add images, shapes, charts, and more. Make sure you’re not passing up a more succinct quote simply because you’ve settled on the first relevant quote you’ve found. You can even change the background color if you like. Step 3. If you’re looking to move from PowerPoint apprentice to ninja, subscribe to this RSS today! Then click on. In addition, some of the best sources of inspirational quotes are collections of quotes for particular topics (e.g., motivation, success, design, adversity, etc.). Tip #5: Design your quote slide. No more scouring the web to look for tips on how to emphasize quotes as a key point in your PowerPoint presentations because this set of free PowerPoint quote slide template is the best way to show a quote in PowerPoint presentation. Sometimes you can be limited by the terms you search for. While there are many different ways to display quotes, I’m going to share one particular method that will be sure have a powerful impact on your audience. In the case of the second option, you might need to indicate who they are (e.g., first female boxer, 18th-century English poet. Creating Quote Mark Graphics in PowerPoint 2013 1. Quotes need to be showcased properly in PowerPoint to make an impact. Step 2. Sometimes it won’t matter if you’re using the quote out of context, but in other situations the context may be critical. A world-wide consulting and technology company. For this example, we’ll take a quote from famous physicist and philosopher, Albert Einstein: “Imagination is more important than knowledge” — Albert Einstein, Our second step is to add text to the slide and to arrange the text however you like. Here you see three versions of the same quote using different approaches (text, author image, and topic image). Be sure to choose a quote by someone who’ll enhance or at least maintain your presentations credibility. Simply do a Google search with “your topic + quote.”. You may find some of the quotes […]. This can be very convenient if we need to make custom slides for example to show quotes in PowerPoint. Without the right keyword, you might not identify the quote you need. Yikes. Type Option+] and Shift+Option+] for the left (open) and right (closed) single quote mark or apostrophe, respectively. Displaying quotes in your PowerPoint slides is a powerful technique and a great way to engage your audience. If the EndNote toolbar does not appear, restart PowerPoint. Do you have a favorite quote but feel stuck on how to display it in your next PowerPoint presentation? To manually insert smart quotes, type the following keys simultaneously. I would also recommend checking on quotes that are deemed to be “anonymous” or “author unknown”. When you’re trying to add more emphasis or credibility […]. You can modify the font, background, color of text, text size, etc. Another way to insert speech bubbles in PowerPoint is by inserting cliparts or drawing your own PowerPoint graphic. When you choose a quote, you’ll want to be sure to get the right source. Place these shadow-like shapes behind the first set of shapes and now you have a nice shadow effect for all the shapes on your slide. In this post, we will walk you through a few simple steps to take your favorite quote and display it in a way that will grab your audience’s attention. I’ve even assembled a humble collection of PowerPoint-related quotes. Finally, create another set of shapes the same exact size from the previous set of shapes and make them a darker charcoal/black color. […] Dykes shows how to incorporate quotes into slides. I personally like to share different quotes from several experts, authors or industry leaders to support my points. [email protected] First, you may choose to feature the quote without any images (e.g., white text on a dark background). If you’re a fan of using quotes, I also recommend keeping track of our favorite quotes as you find them by keeping them in a single document so you can easily find them when you need them. Some quoted people have the talent to express things more succinctly (Albert Einstein – succinct, Bill Gates – verbose). When you’re trying to add more emphasis or credibility to a key point in your presentation, a quote can come in handy. To insert a speech bubble in PowerPoint first click on Insert menu on top. You can quote me on that! In this example, we’ve picked the font “Special Elite.” For more great looking fonts to use with your quotes check out “Font Trends For 2015.”. Finally, you may want to check the context of the quote (if it’s even possible to ascertain). previous post: 4 Ways To Make Sure Your Presentation Doesn’t Get “Robbed”, next post: How to Highlight Text in PowerPoint. I thought I’d share some thoughts and tips on using quotes in PowerPoint presentations. However, just like inappropriate or tired images can detract from your content, so can poorly-chosen or over-used quotes. Find Your Quote Step 1. For presentations, I’d recommend using short quotes that are quick reads for your audience – say no more than a couple of lines (less than 15 words). The first step is to pick your quote. At Google, you can retrieve the current stock quote of this company. If the author of the quote is well-known and important to the quote, you may decide to include a picture of the individual who stated it (see below). This is great because people are naturally curious about what others think. In this article, we will use a random company; Accenture. Below we present a slide with a quotation … Occasionally, I might use a longer quote but the payoff needs to be worth the increased text. You have full control of what you want to add to your slide notes here. Tick the check box for EndNote PowerPoint Add-in and click OK. etc.). For example, simply trying “tools” instead of “tool” opened up better quotes during a recent quote search I was performing. https://www.presentation-process.com/powerpoint-quotes.html Do you have a friend that could use some help designing some nice looking PowerPoint slides for an important presentation they have coming up? Add PPT shape, and send to back behind text. Now look at the bottom where it says Callouts. That way they will be more likely to grasp your key message. I’ve found that good quotes fall into two main categories: Which type of quotes do you tend to use? Right click and select EDIT POINTS just like … The second quote is pushing the length limits (one of my favorite quotes BTW). Great Tips here on many aspects of quotes. Here’s 6 more tips, with an example quote by Garr Reynolds and one from Nancy Duarte’s new book: And nice example about the motto of the terrorist group — looks like I should check the quotes I use! (check out this blog post for some inspiration). A quote can also enhance a somewhat bland design if it is in a beautiful font and featured prominently on a slide.

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