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Some of you have browsed before, well that’s what our customers say. If you fill in our contact form we can send you our best offers, don’t worry we won’t pester you. I herby agree that my data entered in the contact form will be stored electronically, and will be processed and used for the purpose of establishing contact. You can mix by hand or use a cement mixer. However, I would recomend 3 to 4 people to do the lifting, just to be on the safe side, All the bricks, with the exception of a few small cuts, are cut offsite. Insulation and reinforcement – kiln blanket, aluminium vapour barrier, chicken wire. Stoke on Trent, ensures that we can supply you with a product that not only works, but is also great value for money. Ideal for those who Something your neighbours may disapprove of. Cutting up to 400 bricks can be very dusty, noisy and time consuming. You can mix by hand or use a cement mixer. Not ready just yet, then pay a small deposit to secure this deal for delivery 2021. You will need, sand, ballast, cement, hand tools and PPE (gloves, goggles, steel toe cap boots, dust mask should be your minimum). 1700mm x 1700mm footprint. As well as our extensive range of wood-fired and gas pizza ovens, we also supply our outdoor kitchen projects with high end luxury BBQs, side burners and outdoor rated fridges along with a host of tools and accessories. Our Pizza ovens. This is becoming more popular with landscape gardeners and builders who have been asked by customers if they can build an outdoor wood burning oven into their project. The rules on Freestanding Pizza ovens in London and other Smokeless zones. The only limitation is your imagination, one of our customers favourite dishes is baked Alaska. firebrick grog, the best material for modular pizza ovens. The Roma 900 pizza oven comes in 5 pieces Concrete Base. VAT free on our New Milano 750 for delivery in December. A classic design that will surely impress. Distributor of French made Grand-Mere wood-fired ovens for … However they should eventually be covered with bricks or render and incorporated in your oven There are many factors for this, with the main one being Originally coal dust would be used to bulk out as it was more abundant in Stoke than sand. All details of materials are included on a different page. If you are anything like me, you will be doing your research and I did lots and lots of research when I decided to build a pizza oven. This option is for people who have built or about to build their own base. a mixture of reclaimed bricks and black mortar. Please enquire for any other areas). Free delivery on our full brick kits, saving £140.00 (mainland UK only. Take a look at our pizza oven design page to see how we make our We are constantly updating our website with new pizza oven kits and designs, so if you don’t see what you are looking for, please call. It can fit various other dishes in at the same time, like large roasts and vegetables. build. It’s probably the easiest to build due to its rustic look and This is our smallest oven available and has a built-in refractory brick floor that is ready to cook. Their uses are endless, limited only by your imagination; it’s not only pizza that tastes fantastic when A small angle grinder The Naples 600 pizza oven is an ideal starter oven but can still be used to cook pizza after pizza. In keeping with the Grade 2 listed surroundings we used Note: Or several ready made kits are now available click here for some in UK. With your new pizza oven you can cook anything that your heart desires, from pizza to roast beef. The extra serving area on this pizza oven built in Dursley, the Cotswolds, has created A small angle grinder A great example of the Naples 600 and what can be achieved. As with the Milan, the kit is based around the 750mm refractory dome and round floor, in fact it is the same oven as above only with preparation and serving areas. space that has been utilised with reclaimed wooden shelves topped with weathered york stone. If you would like to build your pizza oven from the start, why not build your own  DIY pizza from one of our pizza oven kits. A Freestanding Garden Pizza Oven that does not connect into another buildings flue is Exempt from the rules governing fireplaces. When looking for a pizza oven UK pizza oven enthusiasts are very often met by a barrage of information (and mis-information) when browsing online. may be preferable to a hammer and bolster chisel. The street, known as The Villas was where the footballing legend Stanley Mathews lived. One of our Milano pizza ovens been helicoptered onto the Swiss Alps, thanks Joachim for sending us this great video, Our showroom where we have a Milano square base built, please call for an appointment. Roma 900 Pizza Oven is the largest in our range and is generally used for commercial use although can be used domestically if you have a large enough area. This oven is a beauty! outdoor pizza oven built for your pub or hotel business, then look no further. Catering for people who want a traditional looking outdoor wood burning oven. Fields marked with * are required, Take a look at our  outdoor pizza ovenpage. £140.00 including VAT (2 pallets). These can be straight or at 45 Please note; this is a display for what you can do with our product and his staff cannot advise on pizza ovens. There is no doubt that the benefits of owning a garden pizza oven is becoming better known. There are many different types of outdoor pizza ovens on the market, however we specialise in helping people to build, or have built for them, a permanent original looking oven, just like those Our supplier takes kiln furniture and processes it into Ready to Go Ovens. Building a Pizza Oven in the UK. Browse through our website and take a look at our Facebook or Pinterest page to see what our customers are creating and saying about us. now and we’ve finally made the decision, we want one of your pizza ovens", to get parts. ... [email protected] (Longer lengths are available), Refractory and insulated oven floor with 750 mm wide cooking area, Refractory bricks 2 inch for the oven floor with fire proof cement and grog for pointing, Full bricks, mitred bricks and keystone for the lower arch, Half bricks, mitred bricks and keystone for the upper arch, Cut quarter bricks for the outside of the dome. Jeff has broken the boundaries in outdoor kitchen design. degrees to suit a corner area. Since it’s inception in the summer of 2011, Pizza Pilgrims has gone from strength to strength on London’s high-octane pizza scene. Four Grand-Mere and are the perfect partners for your project whether for home use or commercial.

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