philippine duck scientific name

Anas luzonica. Listen +1 more audio recording. Uses a wide range of lowland freshwater and brackish wetland habitats, including marshes, ponds, riverbanks, and mangroves. The only endemic duck in the Philippines. Freshwater and saltwater including mangroves, open sea and … Large brown duck with distinctive pale orange face, dark crown, and partial dark eyeline. It belongs to the Pacific clade of Anas along with the koloa, the Laysan duck, the Pacific black duck, and the extinct Mariana mallard. The Philippine duck is a dabbling duck and a member of the genus Anas. Species. Philippine Duck. Often flocks with other surface-feeding ducks. Sign in to see your badges. Anas luzonica. It is estimated that their numbers are down to 3,000 – 6,000 individuals. Scientific name: Anas luzonica. POWERED BY MERLIN. Usually in small … Philippine Duck. Habitat. Birdwatch note : Dark brown crown and line through eye with fairly uniform greyish brown body. Identification. Philippine Duck. Scientific name. No similar large ducks regularly occur in its range. The Philippine duck population is suspected to be undergoing a rapid and continuing decline with subsequent local extinctions and near-disappearances occurring in several significant sites. Habitat : Freshwater marshes, shallow lakes, ricefields and sometimes bays.

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