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Nice and cool in summer and warm in winter. This overall score is made up of cooling efficiency (40%), heating efficiency (40%) and airflow (20%). I called Panasonic call centre and they send a technician quickly. After waiting nearly a month for parts they came and fitted 2 parts which didn't work and told me it couldn't be repaired, this costing $1150.00 with the original service call. The outdoor unit is not too loud, and the same with the indoor unit in the roof, very happy. We zoned all our rooms and have found that we haven’t rea... lly needed to have the bedrooms on as the main area is lovely and warm and the bedrooms don’t feel cold, only on really cold mornings. Our $10,000 Panasonic Air Conditioner with a 5 year warranty failed just 2 months out of warranty. Initial trials reveal that a setting of 22 degrees on a warm setting is too warm on a cool night.It wa...Read more. After a lot of research on many different brands of ducted air conditioning, including Daikin, Samsung, Mitsubishi, Fujitsu, and quite a few quotes, we ended up going with the 12.5kw Panasonic reverse cycle ducted. AC direct the airflow for fast cooling and the fan to run at the maximum speed so that room is … I would assume that I would have to get someone in but just wanted to ask the question. I would recommend this product to my friends. I understand a warranty is a warranty, but 2 months out of a five year warranty for such an expensive item, with no help from Panasonic. It is a wonderful combination of key merits of both the window AC and split AC. Kaden Low Profile Evaporative Cooler KL Series, Inverted Ducted S-125PE1R5A / U-125PE1R8A (12.5kW). The indoor unit is also fairly quiet and we often forget that we've left it on. We have owned this unit for six months and have used it through one winter and now into summer. PS We even got a bonus Panasonic 50 inch lcd high definition television set included just for buying before xmas! Inverted Ducted S-125PE1R5A / U-125PE1R5A (12.5kW). Let me qualify this by saying that we've moved to a smaller house, with newer insulation. Purchased in December 2014 for A$10,340.00. Unit is quiet both inside and outside. I love the timer, it means I can come home to a warm house, even though it only takes about 10-15 mins to get to temperature. There may be a setting where u can turn that off. The wider the range of airflows, the better the score. It has therefore cost us $2,000 per year to own this unit. But I’m pretty sure this unit will be a life saver this coming summer. I have had this unit for 5 years. Featuring eco-friendly and energy saving solutions, our Inverter aircon is designed to last. To give Dad something he actually loves - and uses daily - read on for a list of Christmas gift ideas on Dad's secret wish list. An estimate of how much each model will cost to run, based on a set amount of cooling and heating per year, including standby power (based on electricity cost of 30 cents/kWh). Panasonic Air Conditioners with Aerowings offer shower cooling and clean air … Panasonic Air Conditioner Company’s global web site. Hi Omid, thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback, we are pleased you are so happy with the air con. Most nights cool off enough that we don't need to run the air conditioner into the night. Weird. I rang panasonic, and they recommended a service tech in the area. Maybe the air con company you are dealing with can help you? This feature detects whether anyone's in the room; if no one's there, the air conditioner switches to an economy mode to reduce power consumption. Glad I took there advice. They found that one of the gas lines - was slightly oily at the connection, (signs of a leak). I understand a warranty is a warranty, but 2 months out of a five year warranty for such an expensive item, with no help from Panasonic. The five zones within the house keep the temperature perfect at all times and allow us to shut off rooms not needing cooling or heating. – ‘Panasonic: The cool kid on the block’ Canstar Blue Air Conditioner Reviews. Some models have a quiet mode for the outdoor unit too; handy for running at night. Purchased in February 2014 for A$9,000.00. We have only had it for one month so far, but I have been monitoring our electricity usage, and we are now right in the middle of winter and we are very happy with our usage so far. We had the unit for 5 years and 11 months at which point it ceased to work. We run our heating on 20° or 21° depending how cold I’m feeling, and this keeps our house at a comfortable 23°-24°. Demand Response Enabling Device (DRED), also known as PeakSmart. I would have been prepared to pay a nominal sum if Panasonic would entertain it, but they made no such offer.The model number is U-140PE1R5. The 20 best Air Conditioners in 2020 ranked based on 5,281 reviews - Find consumer reviews on, Australia's No.1 Opinion Site. Listing monitored by Panasonic representatives. Your trust is our top concern. I can even get lazy and climb into bed and turn the lights / air con on off from my phone / tablet. Hi Richard, thanks for the review, yes you definitely need the right size air con for the space, the size does need to be right for the application. Drawbacks or issues you need to know about, Reverse-cycle split-system air conditioner reviews, How to buy the best air conditioner for your home. We've owned a Daikin ducted system before- despite numerous service calls (we installed it new and lived in the house 7yr), it never performed well and cost $$$$ in Winter, so much so, we'd never turn it on. The rated cooling output of the air conditioner in kilowatts. he tested the PSI levels, and then returned the following day to test the PSI levels. Is this normal? Living in sub tropical Queensland with plenty of 40 degree/80% humidity days throughout summer we decided to get serious about climate control especially with ever rising power prices. cheap to run and very quiet and easy to use. Check Air Conditioner Prices Online^ Air conditioners under $2,000. Hi Sewsoau, thank you for taking the time to provide detailed feedback on the operation of your air conditioner, it is great to hear it is serving you so well in this hot summer we are currently having. The compact indoor and outdoor units in this series are able to reverse cycle, producing heated and cooled air, so you can stay comfortable throughout the seasons. Panasonic’s shorter warranty (PDF) maxes out at 7 years, and there are fewer aesthetic options in Panasonic’s air-conditioning and heat-pump product catalog (PDF). He noted that these connections in the roof, were free of any oil residue, which mean that there was not leak at the roof end. We opted for the "my place" wifi controller so we can turn the system on and off via an "app" on our phones. The roof unit has been working flawlessly, however the outside unit, 3 months after the 5 year period, decided to stop giving me the cool temp that we were used to. This allows you to control the system from a phone / tablet APP as well as control up to 12 lights in your home from the same APP. We've seen 2 electricity bills in this time, and we are seriously impressed. Can’t wait for summer. He then cleared the line of all gasses and re-gassed the unit to the appropriate levels. The unit was so good we recommended to our daughter who has also now installed the same. Purchased the Panasonic Ducted 14kw system for our 18 square home, hoping it would be all good. 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