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Many folks searching the internet for Poplar Cabinets or Paint-Grade Cabinet Doors find our website,, and ask questions about painting cabinet doors.After explaining the pros and cons of painting a cabinet door, we decided to add the question-and-answer to our Blog. Walter W. I remodel kitchens for a living and I can only say...I wish I had found you sooner. Your Youtube videos are outstanding. Jim. My only regret is that it took me so long to pull the trigger and place the order. Many thanks. Very fine work. Unfinished paint-grade cabinet doors are fully sanded in our factory before being shipped to you. Formaldehyde resins are commonly used to bind MDF together, and testing has consistently revealed that MDF products emit urea-formaldehyde and other volatile organic compounds that pose health risks at sufficient concentrations, for at least several months after manufacture. While Pine paints well the prominent grain can “telegraph” its texture through the painted surface, and knots and pitch pockets may bleed through the paint. I’m extremely impressed with your writing skills as well as with the layout on your blog. Painted Alder is used more in the West, where it is more available, than other parts of the country, and it gives an excellent painted finish look. And each door (in Paint-Grade and every other wood) can be priced and ordered online by clicking those links. Each wood sands easier than Alder and neither fuzzes-up like Alder while sanding. Here is a picture showing the difference between a Paint-Grade Shaker door with an MDF panel and a solid wood panel. We manufacture hundreds of Door Styles--in every sustainable wood type! It is reasonably inexpensive and is carried by all lumber yards and Big Box Stores. I flip houses and usually remodel the kitchens, so I have some experience with cabinet doors. This doesn’t mean you can’t achieve an excellent finish, but it does mean you won’t get this piano-finish with a paint brush in your driveway. IE still is the marketplace leader and a huge component of people will leave out your wonderful writing because of this problem. Each of these woods have their own advantages and disadvantages, but there are a few practices that will apply to whichever wood type is chosen to paint. It’s free and downloaded from WordPress. * The sixth practice covers the method of application of the paint. Regardless of the wood type used, the weakest link is always the paint. I’m currently making research on kitchen cabinet makeover and I’m looking up different projects. * The fifth relates to the hardness of the paint-grade wood. Single Panel Glass Pane Door - Paint Grade Maple Kitchen cabinet windows for glass inserts. When you’re searching “Paint Grade Cabinet Doors” we have the selection and direct from the manufacture wholesale pricing you want. Some homeowners choose hard maple yet there is greater likelihood of humidity causing the wood to move slightly. The finish obtained on Poplar and Soft Maple is excellent, and both woods remain the most popular paint-grade woods.

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Thanks, David H. Although I haven't bought the cabinet doors for my kitchen remodeling project yet, I will be making my purchase from The Door Stop Now Offers New Painted Cabinet Doors in Contemporary Colors, 4 Best Products for Cleaning Cabinet Doors, How to complete inter-coat sanding steps when painting Cabinet Doors | Cabinet doors. The tight surface of the wood provides a good surface for the paint to be applied to and covers the natural ripples and texture in the wood. Custom Cabinet Shops that purchase our doors depend on the cabinet doors for the overall appearance of their cabinets, so door manufactures cannot use this off-color Hard Maple for Select Maple Cabinet Doors. Al N. The contractor remodeling our kitchen was so impressed with the doors we ordered from your website that he is going to use your doors for all his future jobs. This rule is “Fine Finishers Finish Firewood First”. We provide a one coat, water based white primer. If you have flat doors on your kitchen cabinets, you can make quick work of paint application by using a paint roller with ¼ nap (for the most even application and smooth finish). Shaker Cabinet Doors; Square Cabinet Doors; Arched Cabinet Doors; Slab Cabinet Doors; Thermofoil Cabinet Doors; MDF; Clear Coat Finished Cabinet Doors; White Pre-Primed Cabinet Doors; Unfinished Cabinet Doors; Painted Cabinet Doors That means that every hour spent preparing the cabinet door for painting saves two hours in repainting. Seriously, you make a very high quality cabinet door and I guess I'll be ordering the rest of the kitchen soon. Really, really beautiful work. Our 5-PC wood cabinet doors come in two main styles: Flat Panel, or Raised Panel. Paint-Grade Cabinet Doors – Which Woods Paint Best & Which Woods To Avoid? Your cabinet doors are much higher quality than the doors that were installed by our home builder. Madge S. My order of cabinet doors was delivered today, and I could not be more pleased. Wood that is tight grained but also workable produce long lasting durable cabinet doors. I had never worked with white birch before, and when I saw the issues with staining the wood (soft grain with blotchy absorption of the stain) I was a bit worried. Not from a Krylon can, but from an compressed-air, or airless, spray painting system. The information you provide is exceptional and you have helped to give me the confidence to take-on this project. Thanks for providing all this information!! Both woods finish very smooth, and don’t telegraph grain through the paint, like Pine. Stay tuned for more from the expert cabinet door manufacturers at CabinetDoors.Com. Each of these woods have their own advantages and disadvantages, but there are a few practices that will apply to whichever wood type is chosen to paint. Kirk A. I could not be more impressed with the cabinet doors I just received. The joinery was very well done, and the wood selection was obviously done by a professional who cares what the finished product looks like. A close second is Soft Maple with most manufacturers switching between these woods for reasons of price and availability. The woods typically used by professionals on their paint-grade cabinet doors are the tighter-grained woods like Poplar, Soft Maple, Alder, Pine, Birch, Hard Maple, and MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard). Sharp edges will not hold paint which will give the painted door an unpainted spot to absorb moisture. All of the several hundred Cabinet Doors we manufacture are available in Paint Grade. You saved us over 35%. With painted cabinet doors from Best Cabinet Doors you can avoid a full remodel and save both time and money. Just finished hanging my new Shaker Doors and I had to let you know that you have done an excellent job. Bryan E. Fedex or UPS Shipping time from our factory to you. The second is the 5-F’s rule. We now also offer painted cabinet doors to make your life a whole lot easier.

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