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They also have white to silver white bellies and undersides. Glass Catfish are so named because of their completely transparent bodies. During the winter season, all the blue catfish species move downstream in search of warm waters and in the summer season, they go upstream towards cooler temperatures. This species has a few other common names like Shovelhead Cat, Yellow Cat, Mud Cat, and Pied Cat. Nayturr Our Privacy Policy. Blue catfish species are often referred to as “opportunistic feeders” because they are usually found feeding different kinds of bait fish that they have injured. Cory Catfish. This type of catfish also has other common names including Mississippi White Catfish, high fin blue and humpback blue, to name a few. They have a non-aggressive and cool temperament and appear to be really shy and timid compared to many other catfish species. Whichever catfish you decide to pet, make sure you provide them with their ideal growing conditions and appropriately-sized fish tanks or aquariums because their space matters a lot to them! These features and qualities also make them one of the most popular picks among most beginners and aquarium owners. The catfish population is very diverse with almost 3000 species known to date. Most channel and blue catfish are raised in the south-ern U.S. in ponds five to twenty acres in size. Striped Bass . Wels catfish are also known to depend on their sense of smell and hear in order to hunt or catch their prey. Pictus catfish are commonly kept in freshwater tanks as pets and are nocturnal bottom feeders with an active aptitude for swimming. The glass catfish species have big barbels on their heads and a raised portion on their back which is their dorsal fin. These catfish are also sold by several other names like Oto catfish, Dwarf sucker-mouths, Dwarf ottos, Otto cats, Algae scrapers, and many others. 'Carpe Diem' does not mean 'fish of the day'!Often the mere sight of Latin combined into pairs of tongue twisting scientific names laid out before the hobbyist will cause them, if unfamiliar with this form of organization, to recoil in horror or at best throw up their hands in exasperation. This is known as the second largest catfish species that is native to a number of regions of the Eastern Europe, and basins of the Caspian and Black seas. They are known to be bottom dwellers that curiously look for food at the bottom of the tank. The skin of these fish appears to be very slimy with white or pale yellow undersides. The fish's ability to survive in stagnant water makes it a valuable source of food, especially in Southeast Asia. Have you picked your favorite yet? The Chinese algae eater species of catfish is also known by a variety of other names including Sucker Fish, Lemon algae eater, Honey Sucker, and Siamese algae eater, to name a few. Flathead catfish is typically found in deep creeks where the currents are slow and moderate and the waters are cloudy. They also have a preference for bait with strong and distinct scents. Glass catfish are typically found in slow-moving rivers and streams and have initially originated from Thailand. This is the primary reason why they are also called “shovelhead cat”. The pictus catfish have a forked tail, a downturned mouth, and sharp spines on their dorsal and they sport a beautiful silver color with black spots and stripes. If you do, you would be interested to know that catfish have some of the most fascinating personalities and highly distinctive looks and appearances. Since they are omnivorous, they prefer eating insects, vegetables, bloodworms, and prepared fish foods. Commonly Caught Species Massachusetts Saltwater Fishing. var _g1; They have really delightful and fun personalities that make them quite a popular choice among fish-keepers. They also have whiskers-like barbels on each side of their mouth and if they are cared for, and looked after properly, they live up to an average of 20 years. Their transparent bodies allow one to see their organs and bones and apparently, they have a ‘hidden’ tail fin that is hardly visible to the naked eye. Notes are given about some of the features used to tell different families apart, click here if you need some help with these anatomical terms . Bumblebee catfish grow to an average length of 8cm and can manage to live for a period of 3-5 years given that they are kept in ideal growing conditions. _g1 = document.getElementById('g1-logo-inverted-source'); These are primarily large-river fish that are typically found in the tributaries and main channels of major river systems. You will find different catfish species on every continent except Antarctica. _g1.classList.remove('lazyload'); These species are quite popular in the United States mainly because of two reasons. _g1.setAttribute('src', _g1.getAttribute('data-src') ); Like the blue catfish, these species also have deeply forked tails quite to similar to the former; with the only exception that the latter’s tail is of a different color. They rank second or third among all the vertebrates in terms of their diversity and interestingly, one in every twenty vertebrates and also one in every ten species of fish is a catfish. There are numerous records of the largest and the heaviest catfish being caught in various parts of the worlds however, all those pale in comparison to the one caught in northern Thailand on May 1, 2005. _g1 = document.getElementById('g1-logo-inverted-img'); The descending order of this list loosely corresponds to the availability of the species. Catfish are known to be bottom dwellers that are most active during the night instead of the day. These species are excellent for freshwater aquariums and are popularly known as ‘amazing little scavengers’. The flathead catfish, as the name obviously suggests, have very flattened and broadheads that often resemble a shovel. One of their common names also includes “blotched upside down catfish” because they have dark brown blotches of various sizes on their bodies. It also has laterally-spaced, large eyes and curved spines along its lateral line. White Catfish: 9: 3: 26: Baddacook Pond, Groton: Michael Payne: 1987: White Perch: 3: 8: 18: Wachusett Reservoir: Val Percuoco: 2016: Yellow Perch: 2: … One of their most notable physical features is, of course, their slender and prominent whisker-like barbels that gave them this unique name in the first place. Geographic area Farms Number sold (1,000) Live weight (pounds) Sales Total (1,000) Average per fish Total ($1,000) Average price per pound (dollars) TROUT, FOODSIZE - Con. They are easy to spot because they are unspotted unlike the Channel Catfish and typically sport a slate gray color on the back and upper sides with a prominent white belly. These species have slender bodies with a sucker type mouth, hence the name “suckerfish”. However, it is still believed that the Mekong giant catfish has the ability to grow even longer and heavier. They prefer to feed on sinking tablets, sinking granules, dried and frozen foods. Firstly, they are readily and easily available in most rivers and lakes of the US and secondly, they make an excellent table fare. Images are copyright and may not be reproduced without permission of the copyright holder. The upside down catfish can reach an average size of three to four inches which is why they are often considered a dwarf catfish. They are a popular species of freshwater fish and are often described as “armored catfish” because they seem to have some bone-like material covering their bodies. _g1.setAttribute('src', _g1.getAttribute('data-src') ); They are native to South America and are further widely distributed throughout the lowlands that extend from northern Venezuela to northern Argentina. They thrive in medium to large sized water bodies like lakes, rivers, inflowing streams, and tributaries. One of the most. In an attempt to help, we present here an introductory guide to catfish families. They are typically found in gray, brown and green colors, often with yellow or white spots on various parts of their body. The Wels catfish is hailed as a prized sport fish in Western Europe and is easily identifiable due to its scale-less body, wide mouth, and a broad flat head. Catfish stand out among all the other kinds of fish because they don’t have scales, which are often considered to be the most defining feature of the fish species.

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