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endobj It depicts Mandela as a legendary patriot and a sage of the century. After a brief ferry ride, we boarded a … Mandela displayed a democratic leadership style during his long fight for equality. >> %PDF-1.3 That creates an interesting question: how is it possible for leaders to choose an ethical response consistently? :>4�F�̩�_�]�Ur�W�i;����N͗/����?�Lh A Moving Experience . 5 0 obj Distribute the handout “Applying Nelson Mandela’s Lessons in Leadership” and turn to “Part 1: Nelson Mandela’s Eight Lessons in Leadership.” Review these with students and explain any terms or phrases unfamiliar to them. Today it is most famous as the place where Nelson Mandela spent 18 years of his 27 years in prison. 2 0 obj 4 0 obj stream highlights Mandela’s immense contribution to the society – morally, religiously, economically, politically, socially and culturally. << /Length 8 0 R /Type /XObject /Subtype /Image /Width 125 /Height 83 /Interpolate Democratic Leadership Style of Mandela. Introduction Nelson Mandela (1918-2013) and Robert Mugabe (1924-present) are two of Africa’s most recognisable leaders. >> /Font << /F1.0 10 0 R /F2.0 13 0 R >> /XObject << /Im1 7 0 R /Im2 11 0 R The leadership style that a leader adopts depends on his or her philosophy, character, and experience 9. �Ҟ�]I�{��JKi/kl`־��U�k����SC�F0�e���K� pPء���E����ޞ��1ة����}t��"ڏ ���$�}a�h�R��;����~�^ %PDF-1.3 Later, in 1956, he was arrested with other ANC leaders for promoting resistance to South Africa's "pass laws" that prevented blacks from moving freely in the country. {e#�@�ua|/Kj�:���T�4U� p�ӏ��X��}�����o%� a�Q�[email protected]�-��[email protected]�80 ��cyo����*\��VW�Cf�s�@.ʥ�$���4b+��$� ���|���ݔ���=��������Ѩ�T��a )�������Ǎ�S"�H��c ��>���R+�c�����n:S��P���H8 ����)4ll�'3��K#:�n���Z��(�֯Kga��4կ�&.�1u�� ��`�DO��P�z���,���F�V�`�=B��C[��,"�V�t��`�)��P_�"�۸&�~m�Q����ip}�d �P��������ٜh�謧�~�;� Q1�����s:�Z�SE�_�W*2�(���vn�^���z����*'�V�ެ�7��*��'����8�%��ѭQ��2�F����N*g Y����gQ�? ��X�Z��R��Z�z�!3mQ�SOPA�t�S��]���Mk�Z+VQ�B.��(�,����'���Dz�ǒ�2�%�d�O>��d7��;KO�nn|���K�_mօ�3=��t]��gN��'hQd��B�ȾI"�.r�����|��b�Ɵ��X\�H�Ϲ!\0��`�v0^{E}}���"�I�w���*c�&��9�������޲Ŭ�����&²��i�Ӟ��ة9|�kP��J���r�=����ޱ�R�.��c,b�f��1�����…s���:v0þ�E_;���:���%ؼ4�|������.��/O�{�n�6�÷|g��8`>(r��3��VR�c(?Oiv��x��6؃u�`��6�/2����y�=�����u�� ��oEN[�P�aۉh�=N�;��/��i����=�qi�텂wɃ��"�����Piχ�&o뇭2i:���J��Ҿ�� b��N����k��:� /�/�9�t�j8�"gžu9��(�e�J�/�J�v����}�"�p��3�䍍����Ӧh|��j8��i�)���Y{C��>�a� endobj First it will critically analyse Mandela’s Leadership style in the perspective of two leadership theories: Leadership as a Career, including its four stages of leadership: Formation, Accession, Incumbency and Divestiture. q���Wi(��_��G��$�o �^����w�Kb��nL1?� �ռ��g�I2/�,���)�m0��ܟ&���咢m��|�cu`��y����v��U��j���$(G�j�B�����I]��y����0��T�?�h�1�|6:`��Q�z��T�ʫz���)C"�ld���5:��#uGv� �Q��c'K��G;��;�#baY0�L���ǎ����a��Ӌ0R�����U,X�n���nQ�[ �s�;w�[email protected]_Codw�T�_�}f��'|u�H�I��-���ؙ>���.Z=���^�bT���lP��Ng?��I� ��a?���v&���� ks;�3�[�V�h�,h���9��(u���И��c�#�0UU3��n��2]�|D ���c[�`d}^q��d�9�1�K��9�L�I�1�ڂ��}[email protected]/�h�MUL���|����(�${��m-������8���XO�gN���&�P�;g�iHڸ鼤����m}o1��H�f�.�I���� %x[���4g��M�2�*�ܐّ�*���ΕfWN\�/Tez��Pj�90n�׎7���ʐ��x�"��Q��Y��h�;J�2���������c� t�aO�Q[� From my home in Connecticut, I watched the TV broadcast of Nelson Mandela’s release endobj Langa is a renowned author of both fiction and non-fiction, and in 2017 partnered with the Foundation on the book Dare Not Linger: The Presidential Years, an account of Madiba’s 1994-1999 presidency. endobj The ethical leadership style is defined by the moral “correctness” of each decision that is made. Again, one wonders what highlights Mandela’s immense contribution to the society – morally, religiously, economically, politically, socially and culturally. DmON{����i����u�sR{e�C��G"Ӟ����\�i_ Z��s�+��ٳ��G�}}Fp�D�w��\.��.��ȡ�Sة�F`��rl�(2EΘ���>d� T;���X?�T�kJ{�W ;��:��!��Ua� �_Tu��i5��� ��kĉ!jb�&�ap� ���I. 4 0 obj bȷl�jj�H18 �hu�F��u^_I�� Born in 1918, Nelson Mandela was 11 years older than his American counterpart, but in the spring of 1964, one could say that Martin Luther King Jr. had achieved more.

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