names of basmati rice

Kohinoor offers different varieties of basmati rice. It produces nearly 7.5 million tons and exports approximately 2.5 million tons. Basmati Rice. Dosti 1121 Extra Long Basmati Rice claim to be the world’s finest quality rice that can enhance any rice dish with its sweet fragrance if cooked properly. Mezban – Mezban Basmati Rice is a quality product from Masp Impex (P) Ltd. Their basmati rice are long, white, rich in taste and aroma and at the same time are available at lesser prices than other big brands. It has been selling high quality basmati rice since more than four decades. Punjab and Uttar Pradesh are the next big names when it comes to basmati rice cultivation. Basmati rice is grown in parts of India and Pakistan. The colour of Basmati is translucent, creamy white. Basmati Rice. Known to be the world’s most precious rice strain, basmati has a special meaning for us at KRBL. It adds a novel flavor to the rice arrangements forging this to be amongst the best brands of Indian Basmati Rice. Their basmati rice is 100% unadulterated and is of premium quality, delicious, entire grains, and gives over 80% of the regular minerals required by the human body. The brand is available in variants such as Traditional, Rozana, Gold, Super, 1121 Basmati Sela, Basmati Steam Rice and Tibar Basmati rice. Brown Basmati Rice is also available but the most commonly used is white Basmati. Whilst Basmati rice can be sourced from India and Pakistan, Indian Basmati is traditionally considered premium. India Basmati Rice Industry India, at present, is the biggest exporter of basmati rice in the world. The company is a subsidiary of the famous McCormick & Co. It is also in high demand because of the aroma and flavor that makes a meal of Basmati rice delicious. Basmati rice has low starch content, and when cooked, the grains are separated. Kohinoor basmati rice gives a tough competition to Daawat as well as Lal Qilla Basmati Rice. Their basmati rice is 100% pure and is of premium quality, tasty, whole grain and provides over 80% of the natural minerals required by the human body. It is commonly found and grown in Pakistan, India and the Himalayas with India producing almost two-thirds of the entire world’s supply. Price: Rs 1,500. It has a strong aroma and delicious taste. Look beyond the Basmati on the shelves of your supermarket and give indigenous aromatic varieties a chance — your taste buds are sure to thank you for bringing something new to the table! This is a fairly long-grained type of rice with a nutty flavor profile. Beyond Basmati: 7 Scented Varieties of Traditional Rice You Need to Try Now! Authentic Basmati rice is sourced from the foothills of the Himalayas in northern India.

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