mxl 2001 microphone

This Mic was in storage for a while and when tested the only signal it produces is a low frequency sort of thud. When working it sounds great! MXL 2001-P, 1" Large Diaphragm, Condenser Microphone Price: MSRP $199.00 (US) I have to admit, I had never heard of Marshall Microphones. The MXL 2003A is a large-capsule condenser microphone that enhances vocal and instrument recordings. This all-purpose, pressure-gradient studio microphone also enhances recordings of a wide range of instruments, including acoustic instruments, pianos and percussion. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. When working it sounds great! Mxl 2001 Condenser Microphone. MXL 2003A Large Capsule Condenser Microphone Another MXL winner that puts pricier mics to shame, the MXL 2003A is a go-to tool for those critical recording applications like … Now let’s see about the Marshall MXL 2001 When the Marshall MXL 2001 first appeared on the market, it struck me as a likely candidate for modification. The first high quality condenser microphone to come into reach of working musicians, the MXL 990 has a FET preamp and a large diaphragm for truly professional sound quality in both digital and analog recordings. My first thought when I … OktavaMod is the most popular mod for the MXL 990 created by Michael Joly. The microphone’s capsule is a decent copy of the capsule in a Neumann U-67 and, when mated to well-designed tube electronics, the performance is … The MXL 2003A is a large-capsule condenser microphone with a sound that's perfect for vocals. This is a decent mic. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for MXL Mics MXL 2001 Condenser Microphone - Cardioid at Michael Joly. MXL 990 Mods: The DIY enthusiasts get this mic modified to get the most out of it. Condition is For parts or not working. The MXL 990 remains one of the industry's most ground-breaking microphones. Basically, they replace certain parts to replicate the sound of vintage mics that cost thousands of dollars.

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