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Alphabetical List of Mushrooms. In different stages of development, they can easily be confused with button mushrooms, puffballs, or other edibles. The honeycomb-textured wild morchela is especially popular in French cuisine. But guess what? It has a stringy meat texture and a sweet savory flavor that’s compared to lobster or crab meat. This makes it a great meat substitute for vegetarians. Sort Mushrooms by : Scientific Name. Hypomyces lactifluorum is pretty easy to pick out of a lineup thanks to its bright red color and seafood-like smell and taste when cooked. Some varieties of mushrooms only grow on the live root systems of certain species of trees, or have other characteristics that make them nearly impossible to cultivate in a large-scale agricultural setting. This article presents a list of edible mushrooms with pictures, nutritional values, recipes, and their potential health benefits. Saprotrophs include some of the most common mushrooms we’ve talked about so far. They have a very firm meaty texture compared to regular oyster mushrooms. There is still a lot of study going on surrounding endophytes, and it’s expected that some saprophytic or parasitic fungi will likely be recategorized as endophytes in the future as we determine exactly what defines these curious fungi. (We prefer the cheeseburger and chicken finger offerings on the child's menu over more age-appropriate adult fare, for example.) If allowed to grow to full size, puffball mushrooms will burst, sending trillions of spores into the air. For hundreds of years, people in Europe (especially in Slovenia and surrounding area) traditionally used Amanita muscaria mushrooms as fly traps. Cultivated mushrooms are ones that are grown commercially. But knowledge is power! They’re able to break down oil and other environmental contaminants. Because of their age, their a bit browner and bit firmer, which means they're great for soups and stews. They have a meaty texture but they’re still tender. There are those of us who don't mind taking risks in life in every part of our lives except when it comes to our diet. China, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, India, Madagascar are countries with highest consumption of mushroom. Especially when eaten raw, although they can cause reactions even when cooked. Do You Know How to Hang Christmas Lights? However, they’re picked while still small and immature for culinary use. These types of mushrooms are illegal in many countries so be sure to check the law in your local area. Porcini mushrooms can be bought fresh or canned, but are most commonly sold dried. But the plant stays healthy and seems to gain an increased immunity to disease and absorbs nutrients more easily. You can often spot enoki mushrooms in the supermarket. Although they can be quite hard to find. See how we grow mushrooms in this short tour of our low tech mushroom farm: Cultivated mushrooms include any that you can find at the grocery store like button mushrooms, portobello, cremini, oyster mushrooms, enoki, and others. Learn more about the different types of mushrooms and fungi located around the U.S. View photos and read descriptions about each one. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at, The Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes You Need to Try, 25 Restaurants That'll Be Open on Thanksgiving Day, 34 Best Quick and Delicious Mug Cake Recipes, 100+ Best Classic Thanksgiving Side Dishes, The Best Slow Cooker Recipes for Cold Nights, Krispy Kreme's Holiday Donut Line Is Coming Soon, Best New Year's Day Dishes to Bring Good Luck, 60 New Year's Eve Appetizers to Snack On All Night. Because you're an adult, and you should know the difference between porcini and cremini. The mushrooms give extra moisture and other nutrients to the plants they pair with. They release enzymes and acids that break tissue down into smaller pieces that they can absorb and get nutrients from. Alphabetical list of the mushrooms in the database. Portobellos are the final full-grown stage of the button mushroom’s life. Fungus can also help to make better compost. Shiitake mushroom. But the beauty of food is that you never know until you try it. The hydnum repandum is also known as the "sweet tooth," and it's easily identifiable thanks to its yellow or orange cap, toothy underside, and fruity odor. Also known as white mushrooms, button mushrooms are the most common type you'll find in the supermarket. The reishi or lingzhi mushroom is often considered the gold standard when it comes to medicinal mushrooms. . Unlike most medicinal mushrooms, lion’s mane is actually edible. They are also considered to have medicinal benefits in traditional Asian medicine. While they have a fruity odor, their taste is more earthy, which makes them perfect for stews and soups, or sauté them in butter and white wine and eat them on their own. It's a mold that attacks mushrooms. Which is why they have the name “fly agaric.” The mushrooms are soaked in milk, which attracts flies who eat the mushroom and drink the milk and subsequently die. They invade plant tissue like a parasitic mushroom. The flammulina velutipes is another favorite in Japanese cuisine. Mushroom farmers use a number of different methods and setups to consistently produce mushrooms for market. Maitake mushrooms have been shown to boost the immune system. They go nicely in soups, especially ramen. Good examples of medicinal fungi include reishi, chaga, and turkey tail mushrooms. If you buy from a link, we may earn a commission. Classifying Mushrooms Based On How They Grow, How To Grow Mushrooms Outdoors With A Mushroom Bed, How Do Mushrooms Grow? They are also known as white beech mushrooms. These kinds of mushrooms grow on dead matter. Another form of agaricus bisporus—cremini mushrooms are just an older version of the button mushroom. 1. Mushrooms fall into a few broad categories. So it’s best to start by eating small amounts. Common Name. Parasitic mushrooms don’t just limit themselves to trees and plants though. Mushrooms are low in calories, low in fat, low in sodium, and free from cholesterol. Other varieties can be used for their medicinal benefits to boost your immune system, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, and may even be useful for treating cancer and other serious diseases. If eaten, these lookalikes can cause diarrhea and severe cramps. In fact, families will often have secret “morel spots” where they know these mushrooms grow that they’ll keep for themselves, going each year to harvest these delicious mushrooms. Porcini Mushroom It has a distinctive spicy odor. In this article, ​we’re going to show you 20 of the most popular varieties of mushrooms, how to use them, and show you the main categories that they fall into.​And before you start cooking, be sure to check out our guide on how to cook mushrooms – the right way. Some popular edible mushrooms have medicinal properties, such as Shiitake and Maiitake. And once you open yourself up—no matter how reluctantly—to trying new things, you may be surprised by just how delicious (and decadent!) Shiitake mushrooms are most commonly sold dried. Shiitake mushrooms are commonly used in Asian cuisine. The mycelium (basically the roots of mushrooms) weave themselves into the roots of other plants. This mushroom is found in all over Asia. In addition to classifying mushrooms into categories like wild, cultivated, poisonous, etc.

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