mtx thunder 8000 recone kit

Models T8104, T8108, T8124, T8128, T8154. $99.30 shipping ... Free shipping. Find specs, features, and info about MTX car subwoofers that are no longer available for factory purchase but are still delivering true MTX Thunder. Wiring Guide to Wire 1 MTX 5512-44 Subwoofer, Wiring Guide to Wire 2 MTX 5512-44 Subwoofers, Wiring Guide to Wire 3 MTX 5512-44 Subwoofers, Wiring Guide to Wire 4 MTX 5512-44 Subwoofers. The vented enclosure MTX highlights on the woofer specification sheet is a 2.0 cu/ft enclosure with a 4" diameter x 18" long port having a tuning frequency of 30 Hz. Sonic Electronix, Inc. is not responsible for damage caused to your audio system or vehicle due to improper installation. Universal rubber roller to make it easy to install sound dampening. I replied and haven't heard nothing since. Vented Box Volume: The vented box sizes recommended by MTX range from 2.0 cu/ft to 3.0 cu/ft. ... See MoreSee Less, Any updates on orders 2001 Generation Thunder 8000 Subwoofers. I literally could not believe it. It’s been more than 3 months and no updates, Wtf is going on? Easy to locate tuning frequencies of passive radiators and ported enclosures, • Peak Power: 500W • RMS Power: 250W • Mica Injected Polypropylene Cone • StampCast Basket • Anodized Aluminum Voice Coil Former • Frequency Response: 43-250 Hz, • Peak Power: 1800W • RMS Power: 900W • Sensitivity: 88 dB, • 750W Max • 250W RMS • Polypropylene-Mica cone • High-excursion poly-foam surround • High-strength custom steel frame • Progressive Wavelit Ribs (P.W.R.) Models T81044A, T8104A, T81244A, T8124A, T81544A, T8154A are listed separately at Thunder 8000 2001 & 2003 Subwoofer Archive Anyway the sub handled the MTX thunder 500.1 power very well and is still bumping 8 months later w no problems. ... See MoreSee Less, Share on FacebookShare on TwitterShare on Linked InShare by Email, Hello good night everyone Just curious how long has anyone been waiting for a repair ??? Click here and we'll help. Its been close to 3 months. Long story short I built the box to 2.32 net tuned it @ 35 Hz with L port. The T815-44 is a 15 inch diameter, dual voice coil, 4 ohm car subwoofer that is born from a long history of high performance subwoofers. Bless everyone else's system out of the water. Stinger's Roadkill sound dampening series is sure to kill unwanted road noise and rattles! cone design, • Power Range (RMS) 850-1000 Watts • Woven Fiber Pressed Paper Cone • Custom High Roll Foam Surround With Nylon Stitching • Die Cast Aluminum Basket • Dual Poly-Cotton Spiders, • 500 Watts RMS • 1000 Watts Max • All-Polypropylene Cone • Ribbed Santoprene® Surround • Stamped Steel Basket • Spiralead tinsel-lead technology • Double Stacked Magnet. $450.00. T8158 are listed separately at Thunder 8000 2001 & 2003 Subwoofer Archive. Car Subwoofer Size Buying Guide | What Size of Sub Should I Get? Vented Box Volume: The vented box sizes recommended by MTX range from 2.0 cu/ft to 3.0 cu/ft. Please email me at [email protected] for CURRENT availability of a certain kit. But to leave people hanging kinda sucks, No 3 months is bullshit I would be pissed Fuck PSI they don't want business, Are you guys taking orders yet? This means the subwoofer cools itself as it is playing. With this configuration, it provides more than adequate bass. the cone is very well made. 41 sold. ?I send my subwoofer on august and until now I haven’t hear a word.This people didn’t answer no email I can’t send messages on Instagram I just don’t know what else to do Any suggestions?????? Please enter the letters as they are shown in the image above. making it easier to wire sub woofers together. The T815-44 features innovative design characteristics like the mechanical cooling process, Spider Plateau Venting, and Asymmetrical Linear Drive System that reduces distortion and improves sound quality. I've always liked MTX but for some reason never liked the design of this one. You can "feel" the bass with this woofer; it has good punch and produces crisp, clean low frequency sound. I sent my sub in waited weeks before I got a response as to what I wanna do with it. If your vehicle is not listed, then please contact us at [email protected] Its killing me seeing … 2003 Generation Thunder 8000 Subwoofers. C $247.58. Can't find your vehicle? WE WILL BE BACK SOON! C $34.33 shipping. Thats cool and all but what about the orders u have and haven't fulfilled? I replied and nothing since. NOS Old School MTX Thunder 8000 10 inch Subwoofer Box Spec Sheet Super Rare Set. But I sub was sent well before that post amd they even emailed me asked me what i was wanting to do. ... See MoreSee Less, I need your help I busted two L7s can u fix them ... See MoreSee Less, Hey bud message me im cheaper and much faster, NO NEW ORDERS RIGHT NOW GUYS/GALS! Warning: The image depicted shows the resistance change when wiring multiple subwoofer terminals. Anyway the sub handled the MTX thunder 500.1 power very well and is still bumping 8 months later w no problems. ... MTX TN8MS 8" 200w Slim Under-Seat Powered Car/Truck Subwoofer Sub+Remote+Amp Kit. I get taking a break. Was: C $325.84. Like New and Open Box (1) from (??? The sealed enclosure MTX highlights on their spec sheet is a 1.0 cu/ft enclosure. Awesome! Its been close to 3 months. I am running it as the 5th channel off of an MB Quart 1100.5 amp. The Spider Plateau Venting is a mechanical cooling process that targets cool air at the voice coil.

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