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Campfires, custom camping and camraderie, the view of the Milky Way on a summer's evening - it all adds up to an unforgettable experience. The one factor that makes this river unique among the other great fly fishing streams of Montana is that it truly is a remote area that local authorities work hard to keep that way. Copyright 2020 DIY Fly Fishing, all rights reserved. After flowing through the canyons of Smith River State Park the river enters a greener, more forested area that is full of various local wildlife. From July up until September, terrestrials will become a very important part of the trout’s diet. There are 27 boat camps with 52 campsites along the river located on National Forest land, FWP land, DNRC state land and leased private land. Along with the unique feel and the gorgeous scenery, the Smith river is packed full of great opportunities for brown trout of up to 18 inches and rainbows of up to 15 inches. The fishing and water access is tightly restricted and regulated to keep the river naturally beautiful and unpolluted by a large human influence. Our guests float-fish two anglers per raft or driftboat with personable, passionate guides who know the river well. The Smith River is managed as part of the Montana State Parks system. A. While the portion of the drive just south of Ulm and just outside of White Sulphur Springs isn’t the most fabulous part of Montana, the middle section of the drive takes visitors through a beautiful landscape of fields, prairie, forest and mountains. Although the weather is not always ideal, April provides excellent fishing along the Smith River. Meadows give way to steeper slopes and long benches. Although it may be possible to catch some fish toward the middle of Autumn, April through September will certainly provide the best opportunities. While the trout fishing is some of the finest to be found, it’s the atmosphere and rugged beauty of the Smith River corridor that keeps people coming back year after year. Beautiful scenery, great fishing, comfortable and fun - Come experience Montana’s legendary Smith River! Nesting waterfowl patrol the banks of the river as migratory songbirds search the bushes and the sky for an unsuspecting stonefly. Montana State Parks recommends minimum flows for different types of watercraft. It is here, through Montana’s most spectacular river canyon, that we conduct our five day/four night Smith River fly-fishing adventures. Overall, the Smith River Region Backcountry Drive in Central Montana is a trip well worth doing. Typically, the best time to float the Smith River is in June. See the Smith River webpage for additional information on regulations. Camp Baker Bridge to Eden Bridge – Combined Trout: 3 under 13 inches daily and in possession and only 1 … Rainbow, brown and brook trout can all be found along the entire river, but this access point has some of the better spots for catching them. Several shuttle services can move your vehicle from Camp Baker to Eden Bridge. The Smith River is an excellent river for both brown trout and rainbow trout. The next public access site is five days away at the Eden Bridge take-out. A. Anyone looking to fish, boat or float the river must register and obtain a state legislated permit that are limited in number and can only be obtained through an annual random drawing for launch dates. Overall, the Smith River Region Backcountry Drive in Central Montana is a trip well worth doing. The people of White Sulphur Springs and the surrounding areas are mostly farmers, and the area remains a natural world of wonder that is untouched by large human influence. Ready to go? Subject to Montana’s Central district regulations. Our rafts are equipped with custom fishing frames and comfortable seats. Smith River Flyfishing Expeditions provides all the flies, tippet and know how you need to catch fish and have a great time. Montana State Parks provides a map of the A. Check out our DIY Guide to the Best Fly Fishing in Montana. PO Box 17701• Missoula, MT 59808 • (406) 370-2868 • j[email protected] • MT Outfitter #5157, We also outfit on many other great rivers in Montana - for details of all your options visit: Montana Flyfishing Connection. We have current flows, weather, permit info, shuttles, fishing regulations and reports, photos and every campsite listed according to river mile.

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