mrinalini devi aurobindo

During Sri Aurobindo’s imprisonment in connection with the Alipore Bomb Trial, Mrinalini Devi stayed with her parents at Shillong where she had the family of Ila Sen as her neighbours. We often wondered what this Personality must be—He who welcomed prison for the sake of his country. She would choose such unimaginable places for us to hide in that it would be very difficult for the “thief” to find us. As we always remember Sri Aurobindo for his great exposition and articulation of Indian culture & philosophy as also the idea of Hindu Nationhood based on Sanatana Dharma, we must remember the sacrifices of his wife Mrinalinidevi made for the causes her husband stood for. Yes, Sri Aurobindo was married to Mrinalini Devi. Which place is associated with Aurobindo Ghosh? 30 August 1905 Dearest Mrinalini, I have received your letter of the 24th August. Just carry on, carry on… … …. However, Ma Mrinalini's story of raising herself above her personal tragedy and imersing herself into a perpose is inspiring. Awaiting your reply. Summer Retreat at Madhuban in Talla Ramgarh (Uttarakhand). All these letters are translated from the Bengali except the one dated 20th August 1902, which was originally in English. ( Log Out /  From far and near many people came to see Minoodi, to pay homage at her feet as to a mother. She was requesting Minoodi to do something and then, a little shyly, Minoodi sat in front of the organ, played and sang a song by Tagore. During Sri Aurobindo’s imprisonment in connection with the Alipore Bomb Trial and then later after Sri Aurobindo shifted to Pondicherry, Mrinalini Devi stayed with her parents at Shillong. Great work! Quiet, calm, soft, delicate …., It was indeed very very interesting to read the article because the language of the writer, is as simple, naive, intimate as the personality described. Sri Aurobindo’s letters to his wife Mrinalini Devi The complete set of letters written by Sri Aurobindo to his wife Mrinalini Devi. ( Log Out /  Very interesting. Every morning when father read the papers and explained all to my mother, I, under some pretext or other, stood there to listen to him. Every day Minoodi stayed closed in this room, in silent worship for a long time. Marriage may not always mean merger of two different souls.Two differenent persons can never be EXACTLY ALIKE. ???? The first one is this. How happy we were! If Sharodamoyee Ma loved her deeply that itself shows that Ma Mrinalini was no ordinary person. She would then take them to the meditation-room. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. But sometimes, when she was walking in the garden, unknown people just stepped in and without caring for any introduction simply bowed down at her feet—it must have been in remembrance of Sri Aurobindo… But could there have been no other reason? Very little is known of her. be reproduced without prior written permission of the copyright holder. Their garden was a real wonder. Saw a stray remark in some of the reminiscences about Shri Aurobindo that there indeed was a marriage. I was aware of this through some book I read from Ban Niwas Library. Sri Aurobindo’s birthday on the 15th of August provides an occasion to remember his forgotten wife, Mrinalini who died in the scourge of influenza at the young age of 32 while waiting in Calcutta to go and join her husband in Pondicherry. If she knew beforehand she never came out to meet them. While studying the life of Sri Aurobindo many may have wondered about her, who had one day been His wife and companion. This was a beautifully decorated place of worship. Here and there you would even spot a few bunches of grapes swaying in the breeze. Sri Aurobindo’s Sonnets (recitation) The Luminous Quotes (posters) Selections (text) Various Recitations from the Master and the Mother; Meditations on Love (recitation) Sweet Mother: Luminous Notes (a book) On Savitri.

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