mountain meadows massacre victims

From Marion County, Arkansas. From Johnson County, Arkansas. Mary 15, Eloah Angeline Tackitt Jones 27 – Wife of John Milum Jones, mother of Felix Marion Jones Jones and a daughter whose first name is unknown. Do not stand at my grave and cry, Nancy Cameron 12 – William Cameron’s niece. Children of George and Manerva Baker We use cookies. Nancy Dunlap 9 – Daughter of Lorenzo Dow Dunlap and Nancy Jane Wharton Dunlap. Stevenson Pleasant Tackitt, 25 Only 17 children were allowed to live–all under the age of 7. Marion, 20 Tillman, 24 Lucinda, 12 Today, Mountain Meadows is a tranquil spot, a lovely valley of green grass and fertile land surrounded by high desert and mountainous desolation. James D. Dunlap 14 – Son of Jesse Dunlap, Jr. and Mary Wharton Dunlap. Thomas, 14 Where are the journals of the shooters and family members, don’t tell me no one spoke of it because of a vow. Allen P. DeShazo 20 – A neighbor of John Twitty Baker, DeShazo was traveling without any other family members. I am in the morning hush, Manerva A. Beller Baker, 25 Eloah Angeline Tackitt Jones, 27 Matilda, 16 George W. Baker, 27. William M. Eaton From Johnson County, Arkansas. Martha Cameron, 51 Hampton, 19 Mary Lovina, 7 Martha, 11 Charles Stallcup, 25 Margaret A., 7 I am the birds that sing, From Carroll County, Arkansas. Mary Wharton Dunlap 39 – Wife of Jesse Dunlap, Jr. , mother of Ruth Ellenor, Nancy Rachel, James D.,  Lucinda,  Susannah,  Marguerette,  Mary Ann,  Rebecca, Louisa, and Sarah Elizabeth; sister of Nancy Jane Wharton Dunlap. Mary Wharton Dunlap, 39 Elisha I am not there. Daughters of Jesse and Mary Dunlap From Carroll County, Arkansas. and Matilda Miller I confronted my father who said “There are two sides to every story.” Yes, there are- but Murder?” Yes there were reasons, but no justification for what happened. From Johnson County, Arkansas. Sara Frances Baker Mitchell , 3 It obviously did my father- an ancestor of a possible shooter. I am the softly falling snow. Sara C. Baker Mitchell, 21 John Twitty Baker 52 – Father to Abel and George W. Baker. Sarah C. Baker Mitchell (1836-1857) – Born in 1836 in Alabama to John Twitty Baker and Mary A. Ashby, Sarah married Charles Roark Mitchell in 1856. Robert Fancher, 19 Prudence Angeline, 5 From Carroll County, Arkansas. Thomas J., 17 Sebron, 18 Saladia Ann Brown Huff Here is a list of the victims of the Mountain Meadows Massacre, September 11, 1857. My 3rd great grandfather and grandmother were Lorenzo Dow Dunlap and Nancy Jane Wharton Dunlap. Those who Died from the Attack: William Allen Aden 19 – Traveling alone, Aden was already in Utah when the wagon train arrived. Farmer Basham Henry Cameron 16 – Son of William and Martha Cameron. From Marion County, Arkansas. John Calvin, 6 Mary Elizabeth, 5 Remembrance left for the Baker party by descendants. … I never knew this story. From Marion County, Arkansas.     Brigham Young Amilda Miller Tackitt, 22 Martha, 10 From Marion County, Arkansas. Mary, 4 Do not stand at my grave and weep, The Mountain Meadows Massacre was a series of attacks which resulted in the mass murder of 120 members of the Baker–Fancher emigrant wagon train. Mountain Meadows Massacre by Stenhouse. Sarah E., 1 Charles R. Mitchell, 23 John Mitchell, Infant Others Unknown From Johnson County, Arkansas. Ellender, 18     CONTACT US, Those believed to have been killed by Mormons at or near The tragedy has deeply grieved the victims’ relatives, burdened the perpetrators’ descendants and Church members generally with sorrow and feelings of collective guilt, unleashed criticism on the Church, and raised painful, difficult questions. Mountain Meadows were: William Allen Aden, 19. I am not there, I do not sleep. John Beach, 21 For our primary article, see Mountain Meadows Massacre.     Mt Meadow Monument William Allen Aden, 19 John T. Baker, 52 If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. William Prewit, 18 I am the fields of ripening grain. Required fields are marked *. Margarette Dunlap 11 – Daughter of Jesse Dunlap, Jr. and Mary Wharton Dunlap.     Descendants I am in a quiet room, PHOTO'S of the Monument containing the above VICTIM'S LIST, Brigham Young desecrated the Original Christian Cross and Rock Cairn, Frank Kirkman's Mountain Meadows Massacre Site, Jesus said in Matthew 4:10, "You shall worship the Lord your God and. From Carroll County, Arkansas. Mary Lavina Baker 7 – Daughter of George Washington Baker and Manerva A. Beller Baker. Wards of George and Manerva Baker. From Marion County, Arkansas. Susannah, 12 how the Mormon Killers got paid by the US Government for caring for the orphan children after they had killed their parents. From Marion County, Arkansas.     Links Page 2     Fancher Your email address will not be published. I am in each lovely thing. My great-great grandmother was Prudence Dunlap, one of the children who was spared. Mountain Meadows were: Cynthia Tackitt, 49 Richard Wilson From Marion County, Arkansas. Manerva A. Beller Baker, 25. Daughters of Lorenzo Dow and Nancy Dunlap Cheryl would like to share her family history with other members. Our cookies are delicious. Mary Lovina, 7.     Victims - Survivors Nancy Wharton Dunlap, 42 The massacre occurred September 7–11, 1857 at Mountain Meadows in southern Utah, and was perpetrated by Mormon settlers belonging to the Utah Territorial Militia (officially called the Nauvoo Legion), together with some Southern Paiute Native Americans. James, 14 George Washington Baker 27 – Son of John Twitty Baker, husband of Manerva A. Beller Baker and father to Mary Lavina, Martha Elizabeth, Sarah Frances Baker, and William Twitty Baker. If you see this message your browser does not support iframes. Sons of Pleasant and Armilda Tackitt Sarah G., 8 James Mathew Fancher, 25 Margerette, 11, Jesse Dunlap, Jr. 39 – Husband of Mary Wharton Dunlap, father of Ruth Ellenor, Nancy Rachel, James D., Lucinda, Susannah, Marguerette, Mary Ann,  Rebecca, Louisa, and Sarah Elizabeth. From Carroll County, Arkansas. northwest Arkansas in September 1859: From Carroll County, Arkansas. Researching the events over forty years it was hard to know the truths of thing but the cover ups from the church was obvious. This had to troubled people. Poteet brothers Morton Family At left, the Gravesite Memorial in southwestern Utah marks the main burial site of victims from the Mountain Meadows Massacre and has a rock cairn with background explanations. The Fanchers and all their children were caught in the Mountain Meadows Massacre of September 1857. William Allen Aden 19 – Traveling alone, Aden was already in Utah when the wagon train arrived. William The Mountain Meadows Association (MMA) is a non-profit, volunteer organization that works to identify, remember, and honor those killed in the Mountain Meadows Massacre of 1857. Georgia Ann, 18 months Larkin Cameron 8 – Son of William and Martha Cameron. Manerva A. Beller Baker 25 -Wife of George W. Baker and mother to Mary Lavina, Martha Elizabeth, Sarah Frances Baker, and William Twitty Baker. Frances "Fanny" Fulfer Fancher Melissa Ann Beller 14 – Ward and sister of Manerva A. Beller Baker. Poteet family William, 17 Haydon Allen P. Deshazo, 20 From Johnson County, Arkansas. America Jane Dunlap 7 – Daughter of Lorenzo Dow Dunlap and Nancy Dunlap. Children of Alexander and Eliza Fancher From Carroll County, Arkansas. John H. 16 Mary Ann, 9 Mary Ann, 13 William Henry Tackitt, 19 months. John Prewit, 20 Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Lawson A. McEntire, 21 I am in the graceful rush Rebecca J.,6 From Johnson County, Arkansas. William Cameron 51 – Husband of Martha Cameron, father of Tillman, Malinda, Isom, Henry, James, Martha, and Larkin.     MMMF Newsletters Nancy, 9 John H. Dunlap 16 – Son of Lorenzo Dow Dunlap and Nancy Dunlap. I am the starshine of the night. I just stumbled across it as I was digging into my genealogy. From Marion County, Arkansas. Lorenzo Dow Dunlap 42 – Husband of Nancy Jane Wharton Dunlap, father of Thomas, John, Mary Ann, Talitha, Nancy, America Jane, Prudence, and Georgia Dunlap.

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