most versatile guitar amp

Blackstar HT-5R Guitar Amplifier Combo with Reverb. Messages 954. Blackstar’s brand has a lot of hi-tech products, and the HT-5R includes some very impressive features for those who need their amp to be versatile. BUT memorizing songs and playing the same ones won’t cut it if you have some ambition to develop skills and become a musician. The Mark V has a single 12″ speaker and features a 5 channel EQ for each channel, making it one of the most versatile amps. To be honest, in the end, the choice wasn’t that hard. Whether you’re looking for a light mod-rock sound or searing thrash metal, this amp delivers every time. Most versatile that I want to have is a Stephenson 30 or 40 watt combo. Blackstar JJN-20R MkII Jared James Nichols Signature Combo. The clean channel was decent enough with a … The finish, build quality and tone are at the very top end of the boutique league, and it’s easily one of the most versatile and best-sounding amps we’ve ever reviewed. Uses differential powertubes that can be switched on and off individually (or … There is warm creamy blues overdrive but you can also crank up to really dirty fat rock / metal sounds. OD2 never even got used. Well, a lot of practice usually gets you there. In terms of price, this sits somewhere in the middle of the spectrum. Apr 6, 2010 #17 Most versatile amp that I own is a Bad Cat Hot cat 30r. The crunch channel was ok, but needs an OD to feel 1959ish. Nice cleans with reverb to pretty convincing metal tones. I bought it solely for what I thought could be the most versatile cover band amp on the planet, but came away very disappointed. Even though it’s a smaller amp, it does a great bang for the buck, definitely one of the most versatile guitar amps in the price range. The actual name of this amp is the Acoustic Singer Live, but it’s way more than the name implies. Boss ACS Live – Best Live Performance Amp. The core amp sounds are remarkably good – it’s all very ‘valvey’ and makes this just about the most versatile non-digital amp we’ve ever used. This 45-watter is the Bugatti Veyron of guitar amps. Any amp cranked into overdrive, when coupled to a guitar with a volume knob. The Blackstar is a really versatile amp. kodecar Member. How do you get from playing just a few chords to entire songs? On to an amp with more of a modern feel to it. It is not […] Advertisement. The Line 6 AMPLIFi seems to incorporate almost everything that all the previous amps have, but so much more and done in an arguably much more practical and unique way. We scoured the internet looking for an amp that would satisfy even most demanding users, and be the most versatile and fun amp to use. The Mark IV hold the prestigious title of being the most expensive amp on the list by a mile, but with Mesa Boogie, you get what you pay for. Then you have to find your sound. In terms of sound, it is a mighty impressive product. The Tone knob for clean sounds gives you a warm, rich clean tone as well as that bright sparkle. It has two channels: Clean and Overdrive which can be selected by the (included) footswitch. The Orange OD1 channel was good, but you couldn't use the gain past 10-11 o'clock without it becoming a squealing feedback mess. Read our full review here.

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