miner's lettuce look alike

C from wild foods. It grows in moist, shady areas along streams in the desert and in the mountains. Miner’s lettuce makes a gorgeous salad. Chickweed, another powerfully lymph system purifier, often grows right next to "winter purslane" or miner's lettuce, so keep an eye out for that one too. many years, enjoying the tender lettuce in green smoothies, salads and and pull off the leaf with your index finger. Good field guides are invaluable. See more ideas about lettuce, ethnic recipes, food. 3) After you gather your lettuce leaves you might want to double check to make sure you do not have grass or other non-edibles that might make their way into your bag of greens. Cleansing teas using liver herbs can also be ingested during this time to adjunct the benefits of this wild springtime cleanser. Flowers can be tossed into a salad. It became a much valued food source that provided nourishment during times when other food supplies were running low or not available. These are Mother Nature's superfoods and we always recommended you include them in your diet whenever possible. Here in California gold rush territories, it is known as "miner's" lettuce which historically refers to the miner's who came across this wild plant growing in large numbers throughout the foothills and various mining locations. Content or images may not be copied or reproduced. C, the recommended daily intake. Claytonia perfoliata is quite easy to identify after you have experienced it up close and personal for the first time. Desscription An edible salad green that grows wild in North America. long; stem leaves 2, fused together to form a disk beneath flowers. Click. As the name "Indian lettuce" implies,  it was a common food of It can be quite a magical experience and a communion with the natural cycles of life, often forgotten in our modern day world. Recently bought a book on poisonous plants . It has a distinctive round shaped leaf with the stem piercing through the center and flowering mid way up. Heartfelt thanks go out to Eugene Sturla of Southwest Desert Flora. I picked and crunched on this stuff by the handfuls. We usually harvest greens in the early morning hours when the dew is still fresh on their leaves. sidewalks in the heart of downtown San Francisco. Last edited: Jun 20, 2010 It is most often found in winter and early spring in shady spots associated with a wide variety of vegetation types, from coastal sage scrub and chaparral to oak woodland and pine forests. America, Canada, Alaska and Central America, but has also made its way The plant thrives in shady, moist places, so look for it near streams, springs, ponds or anywhere near a water source. Californians recognize this dainty, yet hardy green leaf as familiar to It has a nice mild flavor and consistency similar to spinach with a slight bit of acidity. Miners lettuce can be a great source of wild ALA that can be foraged in the late winter to mid spring. Most notable victim . EdibleWildFood.com is informational in nature. Young leaves can be consumed raw or cooked. It has a distinctive round shaped leaf with the stem piercing through the center and flowering mid way up. This is why we also choose areas that are clean and free Miner’s lettuce is light green in colour, and has round, disk-like leaves, which surround its smooth, tender stem. Young leaves are basal and are narrowly oblanceolate, narrowing to a short petiole. you can harvest a big bag very fast using two hands in rotation with The leaves are usually bright green, sometimes streaked with white and on the odd occasion, reddish. on the surface of the leaf. Omega-3 fatty acids (or ALA) acts as an anti-inflammatory and helps to seems to do quite well for many months on the California coastline because of the spring time rainfall. Miners lettuce (Claytonia perfoliata) is also called winter purslane, Indian lettuce, spring beauty and miners green, which are all names that reveal a bit These characteristics are, we feel, passed along to A farmer, who saw wild purslane plant particularly in partly shaded regions in woodland areas. "romaine or iceberg" equivalent that usually makes up about half of your

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