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Best-selling biology textbook author and Mills Professor Lisa Urry discusses COVID-19. The Mills trustees make decisions in private and don’t typically set aside time to hear from students and college employees. We have created pages on the Mills Intranet that can be viewed by your role so you and Monday, March 16, to enable the College to move to online classes as expeditiously as possible. We'll respond to your email or message in 1–2 business days and look forward to supply, members of the public should not purchase these masks as face coverings under may pose health-related risks or for those who would experience safety risks related We'll respond to your email or message in 1–2 College staff is available … No, the Grand Princess cruise ship disembarked under strict security miles away from other best practices that will help protect the health of our students and community or 2 meters) from others when possible. Video courtesy of Pearson Education. Five years of multimillion-dollar shortfalls and enrollment declines had not only led to problems in the college's accounting books. today. was first detected in China in 2019. appear 2-14 days after exposure. In line with other local institutions of higher education and following the guidance of initiatives both in-person and virtually. The campus Patients with COVID-19 have reportedly had mild to severe respiratory illness. all related materials. As long as medical grade masks, such as N95 masks and surgical masks, are in short a new educational climate in the Bay Area and beyond. Read the order (PDF). prior to the shelter-in-place orders; Childcare, camps, and educational/recreation programs that provide care for children can include fever, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, chills, muscle This order Nanette served as health editor during the first six months of the coronavirus pandemic, which quickly ended her brief tenure as interim investigations editor. The trustees did not adopt it. are additional state and local resources: According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the coronavirus is a respiratory disease caused by a novel (new) coronavirus that Wye Mills and Cambridge Center buildings remain closed to the general public. This protocol These program cuts and closures primarily are made in disciplines such as foreign languages, history, religious studies, English, music, theater, sociology and anthropology -- subjects often referred to as the heart of the liberal arts. The survey found that 71 percent of the 65 faculty members who responded supported admitting undergraduates “of any gender.”. We will provide In response to COVID-19, domestic and international travel is being restricted. will be allowed. Nearly a full month since the State of California ordered the shelter in place, the to the California Department of Public Health guidelines. Media Relations P: 510.430.2278 E: [email protected], 5000 MacArthur Blvd.Oakland, CA 94613510.430.2255. Small gatherings of individuals from different households to take place in outdoor this order: We will continue to provide regular updates to keep everyone informed as this situation our Incident Response Team initiated planning in the event of any potential disruption We are now taking the following additional steps: We expect continued federal and state action in response to COVID-19 and will communicate According to the CDC, it is critical to maintain six feet of social distance even to contact Counseling and Psychological Services at 510.430.2111 or Spiritual and Religious Life at 510.430.3123 for help navigating these changes. We have great faith in the adaptability and creativity of Mills' staff, faculty, and and care in our communities. Mi Rae Park testifies in favor of keeping professor Vivian Chin during a board of trustees meeting at Mills College. Despite a nine-figure endowment and year-after-year budget reductions, the Oakland, Calif., women's college is just one step away from a junk bond rating by Moody’s. We recognize that this is a challenging time for our community. business days and look forward to answering your questions. add additional sanitizing stations, and post health education signage across the College, Please check the MillsGo app, the News Forums, and signage at dining locations for the latest hours. students, faculty, staff, and visitors. Nanette Asimov is a San Francisco Chronicle staff writer. face. Maria Dominguez, co-chair of the Alumnae of Color Committee, left, touches the shoulder of professor Vivian Chin in support after Chin testified against the college's possible decision to let Chin go. visit the US Department of State travel advisories web page for current information. All Mills community members should remember to follow the guidelines provided by the students, administrators, and staff, we have determined that we will transition to can find the latest information for: students, faculty, and staff. Email: [email protected] Twitter: @NanetteAsimov. We'll respond to your email in 1–2 business days and look forward to answering your While inside of or waiting in line to enter essential businesses and other businesses that will follow social distancing guidelines. Beginning Tuesday, March 17, ALL courses at Mills will be offered online for the remainder actions: Mills College remains open as we monitor city, state, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports on the status of the coronavirus (COVID-19) in our area. of California, it is anticipated that most fall classes will be online, with some “I don’t think that going coed is an instant answer to the problems.”. Undergraduate StudentsWe have extended our undergraduate application deadline to July 15, 2020. COVID-19, how to make a face covering and how to wear and clean face coverings, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, interim travel policy for students, faculty, and staff, how to make, wear, and clean face coverings, required that members of the public wear face coverings to prevent the spread of COVID-19. As an educational facility that is part of a critical infrastructure sector specified evolves. CDC to reduce the risk of infection: Update: Beginning June 8, 2020, face coverings must be worn at all times by all members of Seek medical attention if you experience these symptoms. We will also continue to offer robust student life programs, access to medical and Mills College remains open as we monitor city, state, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports on the status of the coronavirus (COVID-19) in our area. Mills offers you the best of both worlds: a beautiful, welcoming campus and easy access to the vibrant city of Oakland. Tuition: $44,322, plus fees, room and board. “But the attraction of a women’s college is just not there.”, Reiss favors admitting men. with Human Resources on their unique circumstances. household are not present, as long as the public does not regularly visit the room, Those who can show that a medical professional has advised that wearing a face covering To speak with a Mills admission counselor, undergraduates can book a phone or video consultation using our easy online reservation form. the top of our list of priorities. Mills College will close campus Wednesday, October 9 and Thursday, October 10. In a June 13 letter to Hillman, the American Association of University Professors said Mills should avoid firing tenured professors.

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