methods of poultry farming in kenya

He shows that with the right tools and consistency as well as motivation, there is plenty of money to be made in poultry keeping. The roof is the finishing touch and it need not be complex. Once you have land that is big enough for your farm set up, … The equipment that is needed but not mechanized includes egg trays for putting collected eggs, feeders for putting the food for feeding the birds and also the chick box that helps in preventing egg damage and lastly a flu trap to help curb any fly problem. The good news is that there is a lot of inexpensive ways to make roosts for your chicken. Broilers need a different feed as they need more proteins to begin with and later need more fat to ensure they develop into the tasty takeout go to meal we all love. Kenya Agricultural Research Institute has continued to come up with scientific solutions for Kenyan farmers and they hit the jackpot with the improved kienyeji chicken. Over crowding your chicken will have an effect on your productivity as a whole. You probably know the common chicken pretty well and are considering it as your choice animal for poultry farming. This article, as you have seen has captured the many possibilities of what Kenya would look like as a destination to do poultry farming in the coming years. He has over two thousand chickens now. Waterers are also important to remember because chicken are animals and they need to be hydrated as well for their health. It is therefore wise to get insured of plan a risk management strategy of your choice. Keep in mind the above list only talks of the commonly kept poultry birds. The rest of the world follows suit and with the world population not showing any signs of reducing their chicken consumption, it is an advisable direction to take as a business or as an aspiring entrepreneur. → Government This is because the biggest cost in rearing poultry is usually the chicken feed. We mentioned food for your poultry above but there’s a lot more to it. There’s the turkey whose meat is highly sought after especially in the more sophisticated hotels. The younger chicks also need specialized warmth and that must be factored in as well. His story is yet another poultry farming success story that should not only motivate but also inspire anyone with the vision to venture in this direction. There will be a demand for fast foods and as a result, more and more fast food companies will pop up. Layers typically don’t hatch their own eggs. It is important to do plenty of research first if you intend to make your own chicken food so as to save costs. Copyright © 2020 Slugline Media. → Urban Info It is a great strategy as you can tick off what you have already acquired so as to keep things organized. Some health conscious people are rejecting all types … It is important to get the fundamental idea and use your creativity to make it a reality. But before I do that, please dismantle the notion that keeping poultry is specifically handling chicken. Broilers are chicken kept to produce meat and layers are reared to produce eggs. To answer the above concerns, I will take you through an analysis of the potential that Chicken farming holds to sustain food security in our country. Done right, poultry farming is a great venture that could make you money as well. Eggs can provide a regular albeit small income while the sale of live birds while slaughtered birds provides a bit more flexible source of cash as required. The journey starts below. Some of the equipment is basic and the complexity varies with use. Next is the roost. So what machines are these that you will need to help your poultry chicken farming business? Chicken keeping is the most common practice when it comes to poultry farming in Kenya. Poultry farming is a popular venture not just in Kenya but also across the world. The roosts have to be constructed and considered thoroughly in the design. This article will give a great guide on the essentials you need to start your own poultry farming as a business and try to break down the process to manageable bits. Business registration is pretty simple these days as you can do it at the comfort of your home on This company is in the poultry business in a different angle. Chicken kept for egg-production are called layers while those for meat production are called broilers. The world has a huge appetite for poultry with chain restaurants that specialize in chicken becoming more popular by the day. With that in mind, I will go straight and analyze each of the leading poultry types and how they can fit in ensuring that food security will be met in Kenya’s future. A statistic showed that farmers who made their own bird feed saved at least ksh 800 for each 70kgs bag of chicken feed. And the need for poultry suppliers that are reliable and can supply huge amounts of poultry products will be a desired attribute in this industry that will be serving millions of people at a time. So for a beginner, the information below is for you. It is then followed by the United States of America and we can all agree this is no surprise with their obsession with all things chicken and the chicken in bars culture.

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