meranti wood properties

Its open grain structure means surfaces should be sanded before finishing. Light red meranti is a tropical rainforest species found throughout South East Asia and the South West Pacific islands, including the Philippines, Indonesia, and east Malaysia. Thus, walnut wood is distinguished by its typical dark brown color. 1. Meranti is easy to work with and has good nailing, screwing and gluing properties. Red meranti is a classification term based on wood properties like colour, hardness, density and weight. The wood has medium bending and crushing strengths, but the stiffness factor is low and also low resistance to shock loads. ... Properties. For convenience the meranti species are divided into light red and dark red meranti. Meranti: Medium to dark red brown. Used in joinery and flooring. In Australia, light red meranti is marketed simply as meranti, or can be found under the names … Most important properties of wood and timber may be discussed under the following general headings. Some species may have a slight blunting effect on tools due to small levels of silica present in the wood. Detailed scientific and mechanical properties for Dark Red Meranti, Seraya Hardwood Lumber. Severe buckling occurs in steam bending and distortion during drying. Similarly, a freshly cut teak wood has a golden yellow shade. It is also used as a face veneer and is very popular as the visible surface of interior doors. It is a very popular wood among architects and designers because if its high luster and good machining properties. It is difficult to work with hand tools because of its hardness and high density. Properties of Timber and Wood. Trees like shorea leprosula and shorea ovalis produce top quality red meranti! Solid wood is commonly used in cabinetry, trim, and millwork. Color and Odor. Meranti is found in all types of panel products such as core stock, sub flooring, and decorative panels. Meranti readily accepts varnish, paint or stain. The steam bending classification is … Dark Red Meranti, Seraya. Dark red meranti is … Most trees are characterized by a typical color and odor. Typically easy to work, though any interlocked grain can present problems during planning, and Dark Red Meranti is reported to have very poor steam-bending properties. It is readily used for a wide variety of internal decorative applications and window frames. Working Properties. We consider light red meranti is not suitable for permanent exposure to the weather, but dark red meranti would be suitable providing it is coated with outdoor furniture oil or a similar water repellent product. Description: Dark red meranti (DRM) is found in the Philippines, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Red meranti is one of the most used and traded tropical hardwoods. Glues, stains, and finishes well.

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