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After buying the franchise from the McDonald’s brother, Ray Kroc along with Fred Turner and Jim Schindler designed the famous model which epitomized the two overlapped arches and a straight line passing through them. The emblem in yellow has a thin red outline and the red wordmark was placed under it. These golden arches are one of the most famed things in this entire earth. The typeface of the nameplate was also slightly refined, making the letters more solid and visible. It also considered being the most successful marketing campaign in the history of McDonald’s. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. The arches of this logo symbolize the constituent of the newly-constructed architecture of the 1st restaurant in 1952 But seems like there's a hidden meaning behind the logo. According to history, this logo has a very significant meaning, which has played a very momentous part in the establishment of this company. Pokémon unveils the 25th anniversary logo, teasing the celebration next year, Pentagram creates new brand identity for Virgin Money, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas rolls out new logo invoking criticism, Mutual of Omaha changes Indian chief logo to African lion, Sydney Swans adopt new logo, getting rid of the Sydney Opera House. This logo is still in use today on come of the products and international restaurants of the company. Although, the logo has been reiterated several times those golden arches were always there from the beginning. The chain operates mainly through franchisees dispersed around the globe. On our site you can get for free 10 of high-quality images. You don’t need any specific Geographic background to recognize the logo of McDonald’s. Those golden arches are a beacon signalling to one and all, “French fries… you need French fries.” The M is iconic now, but it wasn't always so. The emblem with the wordmark was placed inside a red rectangle with rounded angles. © - Chandigarh's Leading Newspaper - 2016 - 2018. It looks modern and stylish, reflecting the company’s heritage and making people all over the globe smile and think of happy moments. No outline, no lettering, nothing. In 2006 the flat yellow design was created for the brand. Then, it was transformed into a letter M, which stands for the company’s name. So all your life you innocently thought that the 'M' in the McDonald's stands for well, McDonald's. The current McDonalds logo features a customized sans-serif font. A clean and neat “M”, composed of two arches, is executed in yellow and placed on white. The logo was still far from what we all know today, but the red color appeared in the color palette, giving the right direction for the brand. The logo was just a simple sketch of a chef in black and white in the 1940s. mcdonalds logo meaning. The iconic Golden Arches logo was inspired by the architecture of the first company’s restaurants, specifically their roofs. Heye and Partner GmbH designed this logo. It wasn’t used much in the beginning but was slightly modified in 2018 and the brand started to use it extensively. You won’t see a single capitalized letter, even “I” is given in the lower case. Throughout the following 40 years the company modified its logo several times. This logo appears on McDonald's commercials and print ads in the United States that aired without a slogan, shortly before the company changed its slogan to "i'm lovin' it" in September. The upper part featured the “McDonald’s” inscription in an italicized serif font, which was elegant and traditional. Your email address will not be published. First, let's just take a look at the McDonald's restaurant logo. But seems like there's a hidden meaning behind the logo. The same minimalist approach was followed at the beginning of the 2000s when another version of the logo was designed. Along with two other versions. It was a pretty memorable and recognizable logo, which stayed with the company for 15 years. The "M" formed by the arches would define the company's logo throughout the ensuing decades. The McDonald’s logo has slightly changed over the years before they settled on what it still is today in 2003. McDonald’s logo design is iconic but the logo started its journey on a humble note. Today, we are going to discuss the interesting story and the history behind this famous logo: Well, the intriguing story of McDonald’s success cannot be described without mentioning its logo. THE MCDONALD’S logo has a hidden sexual meaning planted there by the man who designed it in the 1960s. McDonald’s iconic logo has gone through many changes during the course of its history. The flat yellow “M” was placed inside a red square with rounded angles. Let’s converse about it: The very first logo for the restaurant was composed of a black wordmark, set in three levels, and executed in three different styles. The yellow/red one is used whenever a colorful representation is possible, while the black one is used in black-and-white visual contexts. In 1961 Stanley Meston creates the emblem, the whole world knows today. According to history, this logo has a very significant meaning, which has played a very momentous part in the establishment of this company. One of the top brands on the planet, it's become a cultural icon synonymous with capitalism, globalisation and the wide-spread proliferation of American culture. This is why there is a diagonal line coming through the arches on the first version of the logo. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Copyright © 2016-2019 All rights reserved. The new inscription was executed in a bold and simple sans-serif typeface, putting the main accent on the emblem. Being the ninth richest company in the world and the largest amongst the fast food chain, McDonald’s has over 35000 thousand outlets in 120 different countries with the net worth of $39.1 billion. Flickr: Mike Mozart. The letter M was designed to look like arches in yellow. The smooth italicized wordmark in red was executed in a custom sans-serif typeface with thick sleek lines. The lettering was switched from black to white, which looked friendlier and more welcoming. McDonald's logo design is instantly familiar and represents more than fast food. This logo is still used at some locations. Ah! One of the most interesting versions was the one where a McDonald character had an “arched” body. 1. Here is the logo evolution history. The current title was adopted by the company only in 1953, and the design prototype of the iconic Golden-Arches logo was created in the 1960s. Shape It also considered being the most successful marketing campaign in the history of McDonald’s. The logo was simplified in 1968. It could be seen on the company’s cars, as well as in its TV commercials. Without any doubt, McDonald’s is the empire of the fast food world. The inscription was executed in one style, using a modern sans-serif typeface. As for the biggest and boldest part of the whole logo, the “Barbecue” inscription, was executed in a strict and solid serif font and located on the lower level of the logo, being its main part. (I just made that number up – call it an “alternative fact” – but it sounds about right.) As for the color palette, it now featured yellow for the emblem and black for the wordmark, which was placed over the “M” on its lower part. By Emily Hodgkin. Meaning of the logo. You've probably always assumed that the McDonald's logo — those famous golden arches — is an M for McDonald's. Back in the 1960’s McDonald’s wanted to change the look of it’s logo, and hired in a specialist to do so, Louis Cheskin. However, this logo started to be used in France again from 2006; see McDonald's (France). While that is true, there's actually … The Barbecue concept was replaced by Hamburgers, which were getting more and more popularity in the USA. When the logo was developed color televisions were being introduced (explaining the rainbow of colors), and the network wanted a logo that would cause black and white tv owners to make the switch. The “Famous” in all capitals was written in sans-serif and placed in the middle and had two parallel horizontal lines coming out of it to both right and left. The McDonald’s logo is symbolic of the arches that were the substance of the newly-constructed architecture of the first franchised restaurant in 1952… The diagonal line was removed and the inner ends of two arched were shortened, which made them look more like a letter “M”. Ah! McDonald’s is the leading company in the field of fast food joints, and it has a very interesting and fascinating history. He re-designed the logo by removing the double arches and combined them in a way that it looks like the letter ‘M’.

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