maytag mvwp575gw vs mvwp576kw

I do not believe my numbers of loads are exaggerated at all, we maintain many similar buildings, hair solons, health clubs etc and I always ask how many loads they do a day to analyze life spans failures etc. If you like old-school washers, the Maytag MVWP576KW is a solid choice. Maytag has 5 years full coverage; Speed Queen has 3 years full coverage. fordtech. The MAT20MNAWW has a smaller porcelain tub, where home version has a larger stainless steel tub. It’s a straightforward commercial-grade washer with intuitive controls and an aesthetic reminiscent of the washers from a few decades ago. An AW will not last 500 or even 100 years although we have seen many that have lasted 30-40 and even some going on 50 years. Probably only about 10% of MT 575 will get a new $300 transmission in the 5-10 year time range if it fails, after around 10 years few people will spend this kind of money just for a part either. Maytag MVWP575GW 27 Inch Top Load Washer with 3.5 cu. Maytag MVWP575GW - New commercial grade residential washer. Ft. Commercial-Grade Residential Washer - MVWP575GW Bring the dependability of a Maytag commercial washer into your home with the Maytag MVWP575GW. Using too LITTLE detergent is the other most common abuse of a washer, this also includes using cheap detergents, most users underuse detergents, in our experience and testing it is almost impossible to use too much detergent so as to hurt the machine. Everything from the quality of wiring, rubber hoses, high quality finishes and on and on. We put in a complete new transmission about 1 year ago and it is still working [ so far ]. Unfortunately, across the board, the Maytag MVWP576KW underperformed. The SQ will be much harder to put a transmission or main bearings and seals in, an eventual failure of either of these is the likely end of the useful life of a SQ TL washer. While some washing machines offer dozens of wash cycles and complicated options, this Maytag commercial grade washer focuses on the basics, excelling at them. Its wash action was impressive but it was too repair prone. SQ in the 80s switched to a non porcelain top and lid on most models and the original finish did very poorly, we have yet to see even a tiny bit of rust on an Alliance built washer or dryer [ I have a SQ double stack dryer that has been sitting outside in the weather for 7 years now and it still looks like new, and if I find someone that wants a double stack electric dryer I could easily clean it up and sell it ]. Hi Pink, The current SQ TC5 are the same as the AWN432, and should last even longer, SQ recently replaced the plastic main drive pulley with a metal pulley for example. Under loading is far more harmful than doing less really full loads, it is far better to do four big loads than 6 smaller ones, any washer will only run so many times before it breaks down. I am so glad he took the time to do it. Hi Nathan, SQ redesigned the main tub seal in their TL washers around 15 years ago, the terrible seal that was used in the 80s had a lip type seal that ran on the aluminum basket hub, as you can imagine the aluminum corroded and wore pretty fast in many cases and it was all over pretty quickly when water got into the bearings [ Amana and the Amana tags had the same terrible design flaw ] and we all know how durable those washer were. Life expectancy of a new washer is dependent mainly on number of loads washed and TIME, you can take any decent new car today and start driving back and forth across the country and pile up 500,000 miles with very few problems, yet the average new car today will be junked well before the odometer reaches 200,000 miles. Post# 1068550 , Reply# 33   4/21/2020 at 20:42, Vintage Brochures, Service and Owners Manuals. The Maytag MVWP576KW might be a bare-bones washer, but that doesn’t mean it’s cheap. Delivered straight from the Maytag® commercial washer and dryer This Commercial Grade Washer by Maytag comes with 3.5 cu. Speed Queen vs Maytag Commercial Washing Machine. It has an upgraded 1/2 hp motor, 7-rib vs. 5-rib belt, 60 watt vs. 50 or less watt capacitor, premium bearings, dual agitator vs. powerwash agitator, comes with premium hoses, and more. Bring rugged durability and commercial-grade washer performance to your laundry room. In full disclosure I do not have any stock in SQ or any friends or relatives that work there. If you like old-school washers, the Maytag MVWP576KW is a solid choice. This Maytag "commercial residential" model should not be confused with Maytag/Whirlpool's other "commercial technology" models sold in the big box stores. The thing we do know is current SQ laundry equipment is very rugged and designed for easy repair of common problems, We also know that like many things today the quality control that goes into building new appliances has NEVER been better than today, then add in that the materials used in a new SQ are better any WP, GE or MT washer at any time in the last 60 years. Shop Maytag 3.5-cu ft Commercial-Grade Residential Agitator Top-Load Washer - White in the Top-Load Washers department at Lowe' It’s a straightforward commercial-grade washer with intuitive controls and an aesthetic reminiscent of the washers from a few decades ago. Read on to learn more about the similarities and differences between the two machines. The Maytag MVWP575GW commercial washing machine which is also pretty unique and It’s only been out for about a year and a half at this point. Follow. A comprehensive comparison of the Speed Queen Top Load Washer vs. the Maytag Top Load Washer. Maybe it was just my particular machine. In every sales agreement I have ever seen you are forbidden from disparaging the product you are selling, MT and WP would do the same thing, if you have a problem with this write SQ a letter, I have nothing to do with this. ft. of capacity and features 1/2 Horsepower Motor. Warranty. The SQ will likely last twice as long without any major repairs, likely between 15 to over 30 years , The MT should last 6 to over 20 years. I personally would avoid both. Easy Install: The Maytag Commercial Laundry is only 26’’ deep making it a better fit than most into shallow spaces. I was interested in how they performed over the other models. Featured Answer. On the MT it is easier to replace the complete transmission and seal and bearings, but at a cost of almost $300 just for the part very few will brother, especially when the MT will also have or have had a bad lid lock, bad mode shifter, bad struts, to say nothing of the poor quality inlet valve and less durable electronics WP-MT uses. Conclusion. After that, I had two other warranty repairs in quick succession. General things that affect the overall repair rate and total life expectancy of almost ant AW. This can be combined with one of the following qualifying appliance package purchases: There are 7 cycles to choose from and not many additional features. The only downside to this Maytag is the $849 price. I think the SQ TC5000 might have an edge for durability and convenience (half loads are available for all main cycles) and still has good wash performance. I had the home version and it worked well for a while. We’re going to go over the differences, namely the pros and cons of the new Speed Queen TC5000WN Vs. In theory in a 24 hour place they could run almost 50 loads a day, in reality it is going to be 15-30 and when people are paying $2-2.50 a load you know these machines are stuffed pretty full and yet these machines typically last around 10 years in commercial use with not much servicing. The SQ will likely only need a new belt, possibly an inexpensive water pump or inlet valve in its normal life of 15-30 years. It also features, Powerwash Cycle with Deep Water, 4 Deep Water Wash Cycles, Dual-Action Agitator, and Spin Fill to get things completely drenched. Over the last 2 years a lot of the McDonalds restaurants in our area all bought the new TR3000, these are only getting 3-5 loads a day and so far no mechanical failures, but the grease that goes through these washers is amazing. Email Save Comment 26. Between the MT MVWP575 and the SQ TC5000. Pink, how many loads do you think a commercial TL coin-op SQ in a coin-op laundromat run a day ?

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