magnetic grinding handle

Style B magnet includes a detachable vertical lifting eye that mounts … Rs 2,000  / Piece(s) Get Latest Price. Suitable for heavy and light grinding.It can also used in discharging-process machine,carving machine,CNC. For grinding application of small to big size components. Extremely low height for better job accommodation. Fully extended pole with minimum loss of working area. Top plate of Electro Magnetic Chuck is machinable up to 8 mm. Rs 28,000  / Piece(s) Replacement Handle for Style C. Also known as permanent lifting magnets, these magnets have an on/off handle to engage and release the magnet. Made with super powerful NdFeB, new generation magnets. Excellent holding power with low energy consumption. Magnetic Product Description: These super powerful Rubber Handle Magnets can be used to lift heavy metal objects (up to 45kg against 10mm mild steel) such as shelving, beams and doors. Also lathe operations for disc components. While turning magnetic force ON/OFF, the flat face’s accuracy of magnetic force surface doesn’t change. Our company has achieved milestone for providing Concentric Pole Round Electromagnetic Chucks to the clients. Uniform clamping over entire area, such no chattering of tools there by improving finish and tool life, Electro Permanent Magnetic (EPM) Chuck are most suitable for heavy duty milling operations on small, medium size and even rough components, A minimum of 8 alternate magnetic poles contact is necessary for optimum clamping, Minimum thickness of job being clamped magnetically should be 10 mm, All five faces of the job can be machined in the same setting if clamped magnetically, EPM Chuck is easily integrated with Pallet changing and FMS Systems, AUTOMATIC SHIMMING: Spring Loaded pole extensions allow to clamp and to support uniformly work pieces even with bent surfaces achieving high accuracies of planarity, The operating voltage of EPM Chuck is 440 V AC, EPM Chucks can be designed for other operating voltages on request, Most ideal for standard components and for precision grinding, The low magnetic flux does not interfere with the grinding operation there by giving higher accuracy, It is the design to meet the demands of the latest grinding operations which require both heavy duty grinding and high precision, Perfect general purpose chuck having steel and aluminium set top plate, Parallel pole heavy duty chuck with high holding power, Concentric grooves in the chuck surface assist in clamping parts concentrically, Fully extended pole with minimum loss of working area, These chucks are made with high power permanent magnets, These have fully extended pole, so no loss of working area, Extremely low profile, for more wheel area, Made with super powerful NdFeB, new generation magnets, Variable power is obtained by varying rotation of handle, Unique design of the chuck minimizes the movement of top plate when switched on, resulting in better job accuracy, Power from all poles transferred to Rings/Plates held in concentric, Brass collector slip rings with carbon brush holder are to be used to give continues power supply, It can be mounted on Machine table by fitting the adaptor plate to the threaded holes in the back side, The use of ferrite magnets ensures that the magnetic force will not weaken with long use, Low magnetic field: no magnetization of tools, Simple and smoothly working actuating mechanism, Rugged construction: exceptional longevity, All metal brass and steel laminated top plate, It has high mechanical rigidity and proven robustness, For Rotary machine tools, slip rings are to be used to give continues power supply, It can be mounted on Machine by fitting the adaptor plate to the tapped holes provided in the back side. Besides this, the offered radial pole round permanent electromagnetic chucks are known for high performance.Features: Our organization has earned immense reputation in offering Cross Pole Rectangular Magnetic Chucks to our customers at most affordable price range. Powerful and most suitable for medium and large components for grinding, light milling and shaping operations. Weighs 1 lb. Approx. Address: No,5 HengKang Road,FangQiao Industry Zone,NingBo.China.315040,     Tel:  +86-0574-26263648     Fax:  +86-0574-26275145Address: No,5 HengKang Road,FangQiao Industry Zone,NingBo.China.315040, [email protected] Bestec Magnetic Industrial(Ningbo) Ltd, We can't wait to talk to you ,but first please tell us a bit about yourself, Used in microphones, motors, sensors, wind generators, wind turbines and many machinery, Available in industry standard sizes and other specifications, Light weight construction coupled with simple installation and error free operation, Packaging done using sturdy, export level material. These also have a 'degaussing function', which allows it to dissipate the eminence of workpiece. The operating voltage is 110 VDC up to 12201.11, beyond that 220 VDC. We have a range of permanent magnetic chucks and electro permanent magnetic chucks for grinding… Suitable for all types of Rotary surface grinding machines. All metal aluminium and steel set top plate. All Metal Top Plate of Brass and Steel lamination provides full active magnetic area. Application of Long pole Series. Double Sine Plate Permanent Magnetic Chuck. These Electro Permanent Magnetic Chucks are also available in long pole design and the ordering code for the same is 13106. Feature: The round fine pitch permanent magnet chuck is suitable for grinder and lathe, best for and thicker workpiece. The array is used for high precision workpiece clamping in CNC equipment, CNC milling machine, cylindrical grinders, lathes (small horizontal lathe etc), machining center, rotary grinders, and surface grinding machines. Pole pitch of 2mm (1.5 0.5) can be made at extra cost.

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