lymphedema wrapping supplies

... Have all your supplies ready before you begin Bandaging supplies may include: 1. to Reduce Lymphedema For patients with upper body lymphedema (swelling) who have had treatment for cancer (breast, melanoma, ... Wrapping the swollen part of your body with bandages (compression), helps ... Bandaging supplies may include: • Stockinette (a thin tubular cotton layer) to protect the hand and arm Lymphedema Store/Academy Bandages 11632 High Street Sebastian, FL 32958 (800) 863-5935 ... Lymphedema supplies can't be purchased at your corner drugstore. We have a wide range of compression garments designed to offer highly effective, therapeutic compression for the management of venous and lymphatic diseases. Help to treat lymphedema and sports injuries today. Your therapist may help with wholesale orders, or order them yourself from the many special bandage suppliers, either on-line or by phone or snail-mail. The first phase of CPD lasts between 2 to 6 weeks, depending on the extent and stage of the lymphedema. Typically, medical compression in this phase consists of multi-layered bandage wrapping applied by a therapist or other medical professional that needs to to be replaced on a daily basis. Lymphedema (Swelling) For patients with lower body lymphedema who have had treatment for cancer, including: ... Wrapping your body with bandages (compression), helps move the lymph fluid in the direction of the heart. Find all your bandages and bandaging supplies for compression therapy. Featuring short-stretch to long-stretch bandages, foams, dressings, padding, wound bandages, compression, comprilan, ribbon gauze, ac tape, omnifix tape, arm bandages, cohesive bandage, footwear, ready-made kits, and more. And second, LYMPHEDEMA WRAPPING SHOULD BE TAUGHT BY A SKILLED AND EXPERIENCED THERAPIST. Lymphedema Store/Academy Bandages 11632 High Street Sebastian, FL 32958 (800) 863-5935 The extensive JOBST® compression garment range includes ready- to-wear, custom-fit, circular-knit and flat-knit garments for the upper and lower limb. Protect and support your legs, feet and thighs with lymphoedema compression wraps from leading brands. Order online and on prescription today. From our service to our guarantee and superior clinical provision, we are able …

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