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We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. Avoid attacking his shield unless he's summoning because the recoil will stun you long enough for him to swipe you or even combo you to death. Slams shield on to the ground facing forward, in an attempt to summon an NPC or invader to help the Looking Glass Knight. Going into this fight, players should have a 100% block shield, and be prepared to evade like crazy, so ideally you will be in very light gear. Be wary of rogue hitboxes. They are also unaffected by the sound effects volume slider. I don't think any other boss (not including the DLCs) had me in awe quite like this guy. It has to retrace some of the same steps, work within the same aesthetic, but it makes that weakness into its theme. Weakness? Eating a Green Blossom is helpful before the fight because dodging and blocking his attacks is a big stamina drainer. Miracles will work best here, as the Knight is weak to lightning, however basic magic will also get the job done. Reward: Looking Glass Knight Soul . To do this, place a Red Sign Soapstone anywhere in the castle in one of the areas around the 2 last bonfires and in time you will be summoned. Melee characters will want to stay near him as often as they can. NPC summons by the Knight disappear, so. Makes it a 1000 times easier because of him having the RedEye Ring, attracting the Looking Glass Knight. Strategy: His attacks can deal quite a lot of damage, but they are rather slow and easy to avoid even without rolling. The phantom will come jumping out and will need to stand up, in this time you can take down 25-50% of its health, giving you a big advantage in the overall fight. Dark Souls 2 - Forest of Fallen Giants, key, knight, phantoms, white knight Dark Souls 2 - Last Giant, weakness, guide, location Dark Souls 2 - The Pursuer, strategy, curse, Greatsword Start off the battle strafing in circles around it. You can also bring Sellsword Luet to this fight. After being staggered, he won't try to summon anymore. Dark Souls 2 Fextralife Resistances: Lightning, Dark Weakness: ? If you keep getting a real player summon instead of an NPC summon, it makes sense to play the fight in a much more slow-paced and patient way. Deals medium amounts of damage and will knock the target down if not blocking and will stun-lock if blocking. Like all of his other attacks, i-framing is more precise than other bosses because of the awkward speed of the attack, so roll to his back and get in 1-2 hits. It could be suggested that the stone guardians and the golden knight are the ones who touch the summon signs for the Looking Glass Knight. By staying close behind the shoulder of its weapon arm it is possible to avoid most of its attacks without the need for your shield or rolling though will require you to pay close attention to his attack movements. Soul Geyser - Found in Aldia's Keep, at the end of the hallway with the cages containing ogres above you. Dark Souls II: The Lost Crowns DLC Trilogy brings three harrowing new chapters of dangerous Dark Souls II gameplay, taking players through entirely original areas to face a slew of unknown enemies, overcome diabolic challenges, and defeat fearsome bosses. The Looking Glass Knight, also known as Mirror Knight is found on the Kings Passage. It's not super hard but it's tense as hell when he summons the phantoms, and his moveset overall was fun to dodge. To make the lightning's volume match the rest of the game, set the sound effects slider to 50% and adjust the game sound using either your TV's volume or the Windows volume mixer. You get spawned shortly after the end of the summoning sound the boss makes, at that time you can finally see around you, but your invincibility also ended, so start by running and/or rolling to give you some time to analyze the situation. After using all four resins on him it turns out lightning is the one that does the most damage. For some reason the phantoms summoning signs aren't there anyone know anything, So he's resistant to lightning, but because it's raining he's no longer resistant to lightning... why didn't this lazy ass go inside to fight you smh, I remember when I got summoned by the mirror knight I had to fight one person but the mirror knight was low health so I used a soothing sunlight spell with a dragon chime healed him to back to 75% health it was fun :D. Nobody seems to mention this, the fact he deals a lot of damage is because it's raining, and your lightning resistance is set to 0 because of the wet status, it's easy to check by opening your inventory and checking the resistances, a yellow bur will increase it to 109, which is better than 0. Keep in mind that blocking this attack will most likely stun-lock you. Sadly reflected projectiles are purely visual and can't hit on their way back, even if the projectile goes right through its original caster. It took me 7 heavy hits (R2 if you're using Xbox controller) - 4 hits to get him to 50% health and 3 hits during his summon animation - to stagger him. He is a primarily melee focused character, but he will use spells if … (Scholar of the First Sin) Ashen Knight Boyd, on the right one pillar back from the boss fog. Formerly known as the Mirror Knight, this knight is clad in steel polished to a mirror finish. I quickly beat the host and returned to my world thinking "What the absolute ***** just happened?". His combos are similar to that of most other knights in the game, so wait for his combo attacks to end, then swipe your weapon 1-2 times. Soul Bolt - Drangleic Castle, after defeating the Looking Glass Knight, turn left at the area with the elevator to see a chest containing this spell. tldr version: Are the other 3 bosses easier or harder than Looking Glass Knight to keep Benhart alive, or is Looking Glass Knight much harder with a bonfire ascetic? One of his attacks may continuously push you in a direction until blocked by the wall, preventing you to move at all. Physical attacks did not work well for me, but physical attacks with magic imbued weapons did, as well as magic attacks. WARNING: This boss deals very high amounts of damage with one sword swing, and always homes his target even after starting a combo or even a swing. Eventually, they'll miss a dodge and the boss will do massive damage to them, OR you could even live long enough to see another friend summoned by the boss! Wearing the Ring of Binding is highly recommended to keep your maximum health from dropping too low. 1 Description 2 Lore 3 Adjacent locations 4 Bonfires 5 Characters 6 Enemies 6.1 Respawning 6.2 Non-respawning 6.3 Boss 7 Items 8 Notes 9 Music The Shrine of Amana is a large, waterlogged cavern littered with ruined pillars and archways. This is easily dodged, and leaves him open for 2-3 seconds, allowing you to slam him with spells. He is weak to flanking, so sprinting to his back is very potent, but don't get greedy, and don't spam, because he attacks often. Easily one of the coolest bosses in the game. Its shield deflects magic, causing blocked spells to fly off in a random direction. Should you wish to enter the Looking Glass Knight boss fight and guarantee another player will not join (likely due to the fact that the NPCs are simply easier to deal with), killing the stone guardians and golden knight in front of the fog gate will prevent the Looking Glass Knight from summoning other players. Resistance? Looking Glass Knightis a boss in Dark Souls 2. I know that stuff bounces off his shield, by the way, His other means of ranged attack is magic, so bring a high magic block shield, or simply time your dodges to evade it and the fight will not be an issue, for the most part. The thunder quartz ring was helpful. The Looking Glass Knight is an enemy in Dark Souls 2. The knight takes additional damage from Magic and Lightning, but Dark is his weakness. Super fun fight! The Gargoyles are extremely weak to Lightning damage, and Gold Pine Resin, Sunlight Blade, or lightning-based weapons will carve through them in very short order. It was easy enough that I managed to get through it first try, but I probably just got lucky with NPC summons. His opening move is a large jump/lunge at you with his huge sword. This guy wasn't too bad, but then again I used a +4 craftsmen hammer.

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