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Live coding Visual Studio extensions. April 17, 2020 Nadya Primak Leave a comment. ++ Audio Reactive visuals ++ Integrating p5.js into Hydra. Hydra Tutorial For Live Coding Visuals. August 17th, 2020. It also happens to be extremely satisfying and a lot of fun. Notes ++ No need to have former programming or live coding experience to successfully take part in this workshop! ++ Please bring your LAPTOP and CHARGER (any Mac, PC, Linux machine is fine) to take part in this workshop! Supports execution of python code with shortcuts, instead of copying code from editor to shell. But even with our getting-started guidance, there is still a lot to learn, explore, and keeping up with. Writing extension for Visual Studio can be a challenging affair. Enables live reloading of classes, class members, or portions of code from other imported modules, without re-running all the code from the main script of the target module, while preserving name bindings. In my last post I wrote about the first session of SpacyCloud’s Live Twitch stream from two weeks ago. Mads.

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