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This thick moisturizer is great for those with dry skin, especially as a final balm after a lot of hydrating serums. • Sunflower oil has around 72% linoleic acid, but it also has a very nice, moisturizing texture. Despite that, people with sensitive and acne-prone skin find that their skin tends to respond beautifully to oils high in linoleic acid, so I suspect that it still has an effect. Maya is a makeup artist turned freelance writer from Toronto, now traveling the world. Read on to learn the great benefits of linoleic acid. With this in mind, oils rich in linoleic acid tend to commonly show up in high concentrations in facial oil blends, and there are a few ways to use facial oils. When combined with other fatty acids, linoleic acid deep moisturizes the skin, replenishes it and restore its healthy, bouncy texture. You can find it for sale at Nordstrom. This lovely little product is available for sale at Sephora. Press the space key then arrow keys to make a selection. If you have oily skin, the oils that contain high amounts of linoleic acid are sesame seed oil, hemp seed oil, safflower oils, rose hip, evening primrose, soybean oils, grapeseed, maracuja oil, etc. It can be purchased online at Dermstore. 11 Best Linoleic Acid Skin Care Products to Try, Pros & Cons of Linoleic Acid in Skin Care, Spring/ Summer 2021 Hair Accessory Trends, 27 Best Body Washes & Shower Gels for Every Skin Type, 31 Best Skin-Care Products for Every Skin Type & Concern, 13 Best Collagen Masks for More Youthful Skin, 17 Best Sleep Sprays & Mists to Help You Relax and Drift off, 23 Best Body Mists & Sprays for Women to Smell Heavenly, Collagen for Skin: 17 Best Collagen Creams & Tips for Using Them. Additionally, many people who use oils rich in linoleic acid report that it helps reduce their breakouts. In skin care, linoleic acid does a lot of phenomenal things, and it works for all skin types, which is why you want it on your radar. However, due to environmental influences and aging processes, the skin’s barrier becomes less and less efficient as we age. As mentioned above, linoleic acid is a natural component of the skin’s lipid barrier, along with ceramides, cholesterol, and other fatty acids. It’ll help prevent premature aging, speed up the healing of acne, and minimize the look of darkness and scars. But it gets healthy moisture that nourishes the skin without weighing it down. Linoleic acid (also known as omega-6 fatty acid or vitamin F) is a polyunsaturated fatty acid that has more than one double bond. Downing, Donald T., et al. • As an oil component linoleic acid has emollient properties, meaning that it fills in the gaps between dead skin cells on the top levels of the skin, making the skin feel smoother, softer, and more supple. In fact, excess cleansing in skincare routine can make the problem even worse, because your skin will only start producing even more sebum. That is why you want to use either skin care products with high-linoleic acid ingredients, or the straight oils sold for the purposes of skin care preparation. But, some general rule is – if an oil contains a higher percentage of oleic acid, it is more suitable for dry skin; if it contains more linoleic acid, it will work best for oily skin. It is the most abundant fatty acid in the epidermis (top layers of skin). Linoleic acid skin care products come in all forms, from cleansers to serums to moisturizers to face oils. And as we already said, linoleic acid makes the oils (including human sebum) thin and lightweight. Because of that they can be used before moisturizers, and you don’t have to worry about them preventing the moisturizer from sinking into your skin. Linoleic acid is important for natural skin functions and wound healing, and deficiencies in it can lead to all kinds of skin and hair issues. You can also use oils high in linoleic acid as though they were serums, smoothing them on to your skin either before or after moisturizing your skin. • Rosehip oil has 54% linoleic acid, but it is also rich in skin-rejuvenating and brightening vitamin A. Oils high in linoleic acid should always come in towards the end your skin care routine, after you’ve applied any active ingredients you might be using like anti-bacterial spot treatments, chemical exfoliants, vitamin C, or vitamin A. McCusker, Meagen M., and Jane M. Grant-Kels. This is great for protecting and fortifying sensitive and dry skin types, and making the skin feel more moisturized. It is available for sale at Nordstrom. • Allergies are very rare, since it occurs naturally in human skin. This barrier locks the moisture and nutrients into the skin and keeps the harmful matters out. Oils rich in linoleic acid normally have a much shorter shelf life than other oils, which is why you can’t use any old oil found in the grocery store – they are often processed in some way in order to increase their oleic acid content and reduce their linoleic acid content. For dry skin, you can try out the olive, sunflower seed, marula, avocado, macadamia, sea buckthorn oil, etc. A weak or damaged barrier allows ha… It is available for buying through Sephora. The oil has a moisturizing effect so it helps your skin repair from the effects of the acid and makes drying your skin out or feeling irritation much less likely. It helps to clarify the skin and fade acne quickly, and it can be used blended with face cream or simply on its own. It also prevents future damages by protecting the skin against the pollutants, irritants, free radicals and other harmful environmental influences. These are the things that linoleic acid is shown to do to the skin: • Synthesized linoleic acid has been shown to reduce acne in scientific studies. As we can see, the benefits of linoleic acid can help your skin in a number of ways. When you apply a plant oil rich in linoleic and other fatty acids, it replenishes the skin’s barrier and helps protect the skin against the damages and drying out. Clinics in Dermatology 28.4 (2010): 440-451.4., Please note, comments must be approved before they are published, Please Join Us - News and Exlcusive Offers, Use left/right arrows to navigate the slideshow or swipe left/right if using a mobile device. However, like most skincare ingredients, linoleic acid doesn’t work best on its own, but in combination with other fatty acids for skin care products. This anti-acne set includes both a clay cleanser and a light gel moisturizer to suit anyone dealing with acne or oily skin. The linoleic acid is the chemical that you need to open up your pores and clean deep underneath the surface of your skin. Linoleic acid makes the skin plump, smooth and supple and gives you a youthful complexion. For example, it was found that the oil on the faces of those with acne-prone skin produces less linoleic acid and more oleic.,,,,,,,,,

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