left ctrl + f not working

Re: CTRL + F not working anywhere! Be certain your cursor is in the Press New Shortcut Key box. Thanks in advance, GH This thread is locked. Tagging onto Amaresh Narayanan's answer. let's hope someone more knowledgeable than me comes along here! strange thing that it is happening all across the system. I also had to change the hotkeys as disabling alone did not work (changed screen rotation to ctrl+alt+8 and ctrl+alt+9, just something that is hard to mistype).. My fix was to go into Intel Command Center and change the hotkeys. Truly inept software support. CTRL + C - V - F Shortcuts Not Working with Left Ctrl Support. They need to (1) remove it entirely or (2) have it as an option. (this probably not a solution) try external keyboard When I place a formula in a cell at the right end cell or at the bottom cell of a column works just fine. Where do I go to check the settings? Recently I noticed my CTRL F shortcut doesn't work anywhere and CTRL B doesnt work in Word 2007(I can't pinpoint the time and thus do not know what I may need to uninstall). This just started with Excel a couple of day ago. … I need very detailed instructions as I'm very far from an expert in using RUN etc. However when I highlight the bottom cells along the columns and hit "Control R" the results in the columns are the same as the first column. In the Commands list, click once on EditFind to select it. CTRL + C - V - F Shortcuts Not Working with Left Ctrl. 1. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. On the lower left-hand corner of your dialog box, click Customize. Control Keys NOT working I have no idea what I did, if anything, but all of a sudden the CTRL keys don't work. For example, I can Copy-Paste text using mouse or middle-button, but not via Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V. [SOLVED] [SOLVED] as i thought, your keybindings aren't at fault. Try to uninstal keyboard driver, restart your laptop, then reinstall it 3. When I hover mouse in menu, I can see shortcut tooltip and Settings confirm that shortcut is correct. Beware that ctrl+alt+f12 lead me to the OLD Intel's settings manager on Windows. On the left-hand side of your dialog box, click Customize Ribbon. Any shortcut which involves Ctrl key is not working. Sign in to follow this . Click CTRL + F. But it is not working. i don't think i can help you any further, i'm a bit of a noob but always hoping to help, however out of ideas right now. Press ctrl+alt+fn at the same time 2. The dialog box will display. Try to fix the keyboard plug inside the laptop 4. Click on the Home tab of the Categories list. Followers 0.

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