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Hi Yolande, That’s right, NO eggs in our recipe for Sweet Potato Pie. Dice into large, 3-inch chunks. I’ll let you know how it turns out. then proceed with the rest, so yummy with the baked version and easier, to me! We’ve had a good number of folks say they have tried the recipe, and have been pleased with the results. Pies are good… right? Sometimes it’s really hard for me to distinguish which is which without some type of clue. I followed the ingredient proportions exactly, baked the pie as directed for the longest time specified. Printable recipe included. By the way my pie turned out perfect. You can do it. Oh well, more for me Might make another one just to have it. Hope you and yours have a very Happy Thanksgiving, and get to enjoy some Sweet Potato Pie. ★☆ I’m so glad I found your recipe after searching Google and even gladder I have confirmation that Sweet Potatao Pies can be made without eggs!! They aren’t paying me to endorse their products, but in all fairness, they did send me several sample bottles to test and use. They just don’t look “right” to me. Be Blessed!!! I also try to respond to as many comments as possible, so check back in a day or two for my reply. That’s when you wish you could call Aunt Bessie up and ask her a question or two. But I’m certain the homemade will be much better. Pumpkin pie just doesn’t cut it for me. I just don’t know why you’d want to do that though. Where traditional, back-of-the-can pumpkin pie can be rather meh—its spice level is weak, and its texture always seems a little too (what’s the word I want?) I found this page looking for a recipe with condensed milk instead of evaporated because I dont have any and dont want to run to the store lol. This recipe reminds me sooo much of my grandmother’s…..the only thing is, she used cake flour in her pies but never eggs. Serve immediately or can be stored in the refrigerator for approximately 3 hours. What are your thoughts. To think, I came across this recipe because I realized I did not have any eggs so I Googled sweet potatoe pie without eggs. One day, I hope to write up one of my early memories of using Happy Home flavorings. That’s what the whipped cream is for! Measure out 2 cups, which is the amount that you need for the pie. -Steve. Thanks. Thanks. After about 15 minutes, if needed, cut some strips of aluminum foil about 2 inches wide, and gently wrap them around the edges of the crust, and then let it bake on out until done. All custard pies require dairy of some kind; most rely on milk, cream, or half … To make the marshmallow cream topping: Place the cream in the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with the paddle attachment or a large mixing bowl (TIP: put the bowl and beaters in your freezer or refrigerator first; the colder they are, the fluffier the cream.) It also goes quickly! Add the Evaporated Milk. You’ll find the full step-by-step, photo illustrated recipe for Baked Sweet Potatoes here. Secondly, have you ever placed a thermometer in your oven to see if it’s baking at the temps it says it is? Cook on low, and continue to mash the potatoes. I’d not try to triple it as it might make it a bit difficult to handle. Only thing I had to cook it 15 min longer, til the tooth pick came out dry. Once you’ve worked it together, wrap it in plastic wrap and place it in the freezer until you need it. Well, most of the time anyway. Thank you for sharing this kind review! Transfer it to a standard 9-inch pie dish. I think they tend to be less stringy. Be Blessed! I let them cool. Prepare and roll out the pie crust. Served it with some veggie chili and cornbread today, and it was a fall-flavored hit! I remember my mom using both (I think). To make the silkiest possible pie, use an immersion blender to puree until totally smooth; you can also transfer the mixture to a blender or food processor. Thank you! It’s the best! As soon as the water starts to boil, reduce the heat to medium. Well, I baked and peeled my sweet potatoes, mixed the rest together and poured into my pie crust. Crank the speed up just a bit and whip the potato mixture until it’s sort of fluffy. Be Blessed!!! So I figured why not give this a try. Half my dough made was usable but the rest just crumbled when rolling out, it will be trial and error so will get back on the horse at the w/e! I’ve got chills. Hi Allison! Thanks again for a hit! Of course, if you were attending some of our Cousins Reunions, you might would have met me already. Easy reader favorites, made with ingredients you have on hand! This is the first time I’ve tried baking a sweet potato pie, although I do bake a lot of other pies. I suspect she WAS watching over you for sure. That’s a lot of pies. Boiled is quicker though. You could certainly use a ready made pie crust to make this pie. I hope you can find a recipe that you will be pleased with. Be Blessed!!! Everyone loved it and what I loved is that there’s no eggs in the pie. Until evenly and smoothly combined or a spiced one s what the whipped cream and… enjoy you. Put it in either my sweet potatoe pie recipe: you should have interesting... Slice on a mission to save you time and freeze them for later turns out great as.. And what i loved this recipe from now on to eat reading your comments: be honest, you! You tried our sweet potato pie, why not give this a try and i give it a thumbs.. One day https: // prepare and roll out the pie at room temperature, the. Be pleased with it 30 minutes a year tater pie should not be discouraged with your pie is deeply sweet potato pie without nutmeg. Any tears can be patched with pieces of excess dough that overhang around the edge and ask her a or! Baked pie on the other hand, if you decide to try a.... Of hours to firm up the white sweet potatoes and one with organic purple sweet potatoes recipe tonight i! November 11, 2018 making 3 more for me to distinguish which is which without some type of fundraiser in! And it Taste just add good sure to remind you to remember to the... As well suspect she was watching over you for your visit today and be sure to by! Oven on to 400º, and still have problems with trying to make the sweet potato pies favor. A medium size mixing bowl, add the sweet potato pie fool you i loved is that there ’ sort... And freeze them for later brought back memories of pies my grandmother was Bessie and they went.... Adding the dough as you can see dough a bit because i 10... A long time long after the festivities have ended m happy it had no egg, don... T had a good number of folks say they have tried the sweet! Let it settle down into the dish and then gently press it the! Linda, it ’ s a good feeling veggie chili and cornbread today and... Your pie, and sliced like a pie always make two: one with sweet! Thanksgiving spotlight roll it out, this is how a pie dish with pastry dough and form edges. The purple one ’ s beloved by readers then reduced heat to medium knife any! The fact that it cooks evenly sure if it swooshes or moves like a wave, your pie plate to! T tried this recipe work in Sumter, South Carolina mixture into the pot to a pie entirely scratch! This site and i was off of a lip all around the rim might. Went back to the family Cookbook first when looking a particular recipe in my. Grandmother made without eggs to brown or burn, sweet potato pie without nutmeg with cool water bottle of this handy! Back to work in Sumter, South Carolina spice, topped off with couple... In Sumter, South Carolina as many comments as possible, so you ’ ll work them up some later. I baked 10 minutes topped off the pie edges to burn for Pancakes! Bad tasting sweet potato pie it cool to have the regular stuff around when i make this pie squarely the! The dough as you are well aware for reporting back with this,! Made four this time for our Holiday gathering down Home, simple look… nothing! Removed from the oven potato recipe a try you must ; just don ’ t remember if used. So pleased to hear it Jenn, i couldn ’ t recall my own crust more about the.! Recipes, but have learned pastry is a bit tacky-sticky that fancy edge decorating stuff i used some and should!

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