l ascorbic acid powder benefits

Fry chicken in cooking oil until golden brown. Add onions, and fry until golden brown. In the Louisiana bayous, where tomatoes were likely once very hard to come by, the jambalaya of Cajun origin begins … Put chicken back into pot with onions, and add 6 cups of water (note water level). One widely held theory holds that jambalaya results … The most common meat used for jambalaya is smoked sausage (usually andouille) and chicken… Seafood and tomatoes are then added, followed by equal portions of rice and stock. This dish begins with the holy trinity of vegetables (onion, celery, and bell pepper) and meat being cooked together. It can be made (separately or all together) with ham, chicken, sausage, fresh pork, … Jambalaya found its way into Creole cookery in the late 1700's where it soon took on the flavor of added local ingredients. Creole jambalaya, which is also sometimes known as “red jambalaya,” includes tomatoes. Add remaining seasoning and simmer covered until chicken … Remove chicken and oil leaving just enough oil to cover bottom of pot. The origin of both dishes is uncertain at best, and in the case of jambalaya, even the derivation of the name itself is a source of considerable confusion.

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