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There are so many Kundalini Yoga sets and meditations to choose from. f. Study and continue to learn We are continually a student and a teacher These ideas are simple and easy to implement. Registration is confirmed when payment is complete. Let’s be honest every good workshop has a good plan behind it! Please read article 16 ‘Cancellation of Workshop Registration’ in our General Terms and Conditions to know exactly where you stand. If you're currently having any physical, emotional or mental issues, or prefer no hands-on adjustments, please make sure to discuss this with the teacher up front. Yoga. How to Structure A Yoga Workshop. This is a four hours Workshop. .. After joining the Inner Peace Conference last year, we are happy to welcome back Amir Jaan to Delight Yoga. Full payment is required to ensure your place. Kundalini yoga is great for increasing focus, mental strength, and physical endurance. Receive inspiration & wisdom in your mailbox. We wish to create a safe and sacred space to study, practice and grow for everyone. ... Kundalini Yoga Workshop With Amir Jaan. Please take care of your own health and wellbeing while participating in classes, workshops and, trainings offered by Delight Yoga. You can register for this workshop by clicking ‘Book’ and paying online with iDeal, Credit Card or PayPal. -Meditations: Silence of the Beloved​​, ​Kriyas, Pranayamas, Meditations, Relaxations..... they all are different tools used in this Sacred science called Kundalini Yoga, created and formed to give us the experience of what we truly seek for as Spiritual seekers. You might be pleasantly surprised. Through a deep letting go, in this process of inner cleansing you shall be experiencing  that effortless Awareness, which is always present here and now behind the thoughts, emotions and physical sensations. DATE: Saturday, June 17. Seven main spiraling developmental, psychological and spiritual energy centers of the metaphysical body – this theme could easily be a workshop or class series. We do this in a way that represents an honest attempt to loosen the knot of over-identification with old ideas, thoughts, words and actions that are no longer in harmony or alignment with our current highest vibration or resonance. Thank you! Starting on 30 August 2020  Go to schedule. Realizing and experiencing the immense power of love by not falling in it but Rising in it. ​Please remember : According to the different needs of different countries and people, a lot of different workshops can be created with more or less hours and different intensities. We also put our whole heart into our studios. by our enthusiastic international teachers. Amir's specialist knowledge in the field of Humanology has forged him into a powerful instrument to assist those with a desire or need to approach character and health reformation, in an organic, safe, and self-healing way. COST: $25.00. Kundalini Yoga, as taught by Yogi Bhajan, is a complete science of transformation. Realizing and experiencing the immense power of love by not falling in it but Rising in it.​. The primary approach to this work is based on an experiential exploration of four simple but effective principles comprising themes for deeper inquiry: Amir presents the material for these workshops in a style of serious and technically accurate, well-considered series of experiments. Amir is now a senior mentor to hundreds of students himself, having worked for many years with members of the general public. The experience of who you truly are always.​. These workshops are very heart opening and joyful which are created to give the participants a profound experience of the silence within, dissolving past memories and emotions, releasing out old tensions from the mental, emotional and physical bodies, allowing the Inner Awareness to shine in and out. Amir's fascination in the White Tantric Temple Arts began over 25 years ago. From now on you'll receive our monthly newsletter. -Kriyas: Devotion in Motion However, joining both sessions is advised. 10 Creative Themes For A Yoga Workshop ... 10 Creative Themes For A Yoga Workshop. ​, "KNOWING YOURSELF AS THE AWARENESS BEHIND THE VOICE IS FREEDOM", ​© 2019 Ananda Das Yoga, all rights reserved, They consists of ancient Yogic techniques such as. we love and accept others unconditionally too. In fact when we love ourselves, we love all beings and non-beings at the same time because we are One with everything. She is excited to share this integrated workshop of yoga and writing in collaboration with William Humphreys, a talented and fun writer. The Sanskrit word SAT PREM literally means True Love, the love that throbs in the heart of our being unconditionally.​ When we know our true identity as Unconditional Love, we begin to love ourselves, and out of the overflow of loving and accepting ourselves. Using a dynamic blend of breathings , movements, meditations and mantras, the powerful tools of Kundalini Yoga to open our hearts to our full human potential. These experiments are conducted playfully through the lens of self-awareness in the laboratory of the body-mind, and of course under the close and quiet observation of our higher self. You are very welcome at Delight Yoga, located in the centre of Amsterdam and Den Haag. ​No previous Yoga experience is required or is necessary for these workshops, just a humble willingness to participate with an open mind and heart to explore your inner space full of love, peace, joy and creativity. Our passion for yoga goes further than only the yoga classes. The many years of teaching have refined Amir's intuitive observation and sensitivity to what is required in each moment for each of those present in the theatre in which he shares his work. Instead of racking your brain to get the yoga right theme, check out these ideas! These are energetic practices that establish, strengthen, and sustain optimum health; physical, mental, and emotional. © 2020 Delight YogaTerms and Conditions | Privacy Policy. Also working energetically in the opening and healing of our heart center, the seat of compassion, love and wisdom, in releasing clogged emotions and strengthening our electromagnetic field. Rhythmic movements, powerful breath patterns, and repeated mantras are the distinguishing features of the Kundalini yoga practice. Let’s talk about how to plan a yoga workshop. Nov 17, 2018 - In this blog posts, learn some tips and tricks to developing your own yoga workshop. Teresa Syed is a Kundalini Yoga teacher, impassioned about uplifting and elevating others through this sacred technology. Do NOT change any yogic technology with the idea that you need to make your workshops more marketable. It is a practice that is simple, achievable, sustainable, and effective. He shall be most delighted and open to see all the possibilities to create spiritual events all around the world. Protip: there are a million yoga event ideas… being successful is less about the idea and more about the execution.

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