kumaraguru college of technology hostel rules

1.7 Besides these food courts, Coffee shops such as Namma Cafe, K’s Cafe, Munch Box are places where students relax and share a laugh. The KORE cafeteria in the campus which can serve 1000 at a time, gives a hygienic, quality, timely and tasty food adding to the living and learning experience of the students, faculty and visitors. Now, in my final year of college I do realise what I am today was because of KCT and importantly the people behind KCT. The beauty of students getting trained in yoga and martial arts while studying here is that, they are able to strike a mental balance with a series of academic activities they go through and their performance reflects this. It gives me an upper hand being in the hostel when it comes to academics, I have ready access to all the facilities like library and labs. It is situated over an area of 2260 square feet. It is a hospitable environment. 2019-05-14T04:55:02-04:00 Converted to PDF/A-2a endobj Yoga, an alternative medicine for health and fitness, is open to students who wish to learn the art of being in the pink of physical and mental health. And to top it all, being in the hostel has helped me polish my management skills, be it time, money or relationship. The spacious facility centres Vallalar Maiyam and Sarada Maiyam for the boy and girl student residents of KCT with TV Hall, Wi-Fi access, recreation space and K’s Cafe creates a ‘home away from home’ experience. 9 engineering aspirants and 9 aspiring managers joined together to bring this establishment inside the campus. The campus houses a Karur Vysya Bank branch, for the convenience of students, faculty members and staff. Arutchelvar Ayya was an ardent follower of Vallalar Perunthagai and believed in the oneness of God in the form of a Jyoti. Contact Number: 0422-2666800; Life in the campus of KCT is delightful! endobj Jyothi Nilayam is the hospitality suite of KCT known for its ambience. The boys hostel comprises of six blocks with total of 510 rooms with a capacity to accommodate 2088 students. 1 0 obj<>/StructTreeRoot 80 0 R/Metadata 1296 0 R>> The Institution is mindful about the physical and mental wellness of everyone in the campus. endobj This exclusive men’s stay, curated with modern amenities, houses 68 rooms that provide the ideal ambience for an affluent living. KCT resident halls are an integral part of the college campus and strives to make the students’ living and learning experience as seamless as possible. The six blocks for boy student residents accommodates 2335 students in 445 rooms while the three blocks for girl student residents accommodates 987 students in 329 rooms in addition exclusive dining area, washrooms, lobby etc. 2019-05-14T04:55:02-04:00 Every single day, at my hostel room 305, I wake up and close my eyes and tell myself,”I’m gonna be at least one percent better than who I was yesterday.” I put on my workout clothes, lace up my shoes and get ready to go to Kraft gym. Food is an experience. application/pdf Soda PDF Online Weekends call for movie nights at our hostel room. © Copyright © 2020 Kumaraguru College of Technology, Coimbatore 641049. 2 0 obj<> It has two distinct sections for boys and girls students. Electronics and Communication Engineering, Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering, Apply for WES/ Transcript & Student verification, Internal Complaints and Women Empowerment Committee, Genuineness Verification or Student Verification. A spacious central courtyard is nested by the Jyothi shrine with 14 guest rooms, conference room, a guest lounge and the dining hall. The impact of putting themselves through this has been highly positive and rewarding. The magnificence of this green canopy is great with the infrastructure for academic excellence, general facilities and four signature buildings such as Ramanandha Adigalar Auditorium, Jyothi Nilayam, Gnana Sabai and Temple. endobj endobj endobj Inspired by the classical South Indian courtyard style homes, the guest facility is built to the wishes of our founder Arutchelvar Ayya. On the whole, it is a home away from home. The gym equipment are well tested, maintained and adhere to the international standards. Residing inside the college campus offers a unique experience leading to learn and build a close-knit community that shall stay connected long after graduation. 7 0 obj<>/ColorSpace<>/ExtGState<>/XObject<>>>/Contents 20 0 R/StructParents 2/Group<>>> The eight-bedded hospital with two doctors, nursing assistants and ambulance facilities is operational 24×7. An eternal Jyoti will light the meditation centre which symbolises that God is one. 80 0 obj<> IFSC Code: KVBL0001245; 10 0 obj<>/ColorSpace<>>>/Contents 64 0 R/StructParents 5/Group<>>> After my morning fitness ritual, I put on my President of the Department of CSE cap and head right away to the department.My department association team and I usually discuss about what we could do for the department at EAST KORE, CCD and KORE. When specialised treatments are required, the patients are immediately shifted to the multi-speciality hospitals located in the vicinity of the campus with which the institution has tie-up. Single Occupancy with AC | Single Occupancy without AC | Dual Occupancy with AC | Dual Occupancy without AC | Triple Occupancy without AC. I am a part time coach at Kraft and I help people with their fitness goals. Prof. Arumugam Students’ Centre buzzing with academic activities through the day, metamorphoses into an indoor sports zone by dusk and during the weekends. With an area of about 24,000 square feet, this centrally located guest facility is an addition to the architectural beauty of KCT. The Hall of Martial Arts of KCT trains students on a variety of martial art forms such as Wushu, Karate, Silambam, Fencing, and Boxing. IV year Computer Science and Engineering (‘14-’18 batch). In the sprawling ground of 23 acres various sports activities such as, Football, Hockey, Cricket, Basketball, Volley Ball, Ball badminton, Kabaddi, Tennis, Handball, Kho-Kho, Throw ball and outdoor Gymnasium find their enthusiastic players. The girls hostel has a … KCT is a place of umpteen opportunities. Thus the college provides the best Yoga training possible for the students. endobj A space is created in the Mahalingam Vigyan Bhavan to function as a meditation centre, named “Gnana Sabai”. The Campus Dining near to the hostel can cater up to 240 people. 3-Heights(TM) Document Converter (www.pdf-tools.com) There’s nothing that comes close to a Kadalai urundai and movie combo to us! 1296 0 obj<>stream First year students do not have outings. I was a campus resident and this made it is very easy for me to go about with these club activities and take an active part in them, as they take place mostly after college hours. The Hive is the associated smart stay of KCT situated at a distance of 2 kilometres from the campus. KCT has a sprawling campus of 150 Acres. endobj %PDF-1.7 Four academic blocks and an administrative block constitute more than one-fourth of the campus area. 13 0 obj<>/ColorSpace<>/ExtGState<>>>/Contents 67 0 R/StructParents 8/Group<>>> People here instantly bond over and learn each other’s way of life. 14 0 obj<>/ColorSpace<>>>/Contents 68 0 R/StructParents 9/Group<>>> endobj These budding entrepreneurs manage the reprographic needs of 6000 students and 700 faculty members of the campus. In time is at 7:00 pm, sharp. endobj urn:uuid:657ec8fa-9fb0-4409-b42b-e54fd78eecb1 Academics achievements and sporting excellence are synchronous in KCT. It gives the students an array of clubs to choose from apart from academics. Everywhere you look inside KCT, there’s a punchline that says, “Character is life.” I used to wonder in my first year of college is that all life is about?

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