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I feel like I’m chasing placements and not chasing purpose. Whenever you think of soul music, you go to some emotional place. I didn’t care about getting a million views, I cared about the right person in the music industry [hearing my music] and being like, “This girl is gonna work hard, let’s give her a shot.” I did that ‘til day 275, and that’s around the time Roc Nation decided to bring me on. Killy. I remember she would put on Erykah Badu. I had a scary moment in my life because my first love from college ended up passing away in a car accident. 2:33 PREVIEW Velvet. “When I really first dove into D’Angelo, he just lightened me up.”, “I want my confidence to rub off on my fans so people can get inspired by that and have that same confidence.”, “I definitely feel like I have the city on my back.”. What would you say to people talking about “Soul music, R&B, is dying.”? 3:36 PREVIEW Apple. Was there anything about songwriting that didn’t nourish you enough as an artist, moving you to go solo? Despite her outstanding qualifications as a songwriter, however, KIRBY knew she was destined for more. We have a weakness for big voices with matching hair and soul singer KIRBY delivers on both fronts with the release of her first solo project Sis. It’s not the full spectrum to sell self-love if you can’t have that self-love while you’re in a relationship with somebody else. When women hear [Sis], I want them to think of themselves, and I want them to see me as a woman they can relate to. So, when I worked with him on “Only One,” which is his mother talking to him from heaven, that was fulfilling for me because he gave me so much as a listener. I would wake up—my mom has a piano downstairs—and write original songs and put them on YouTube. Sis has some classic sounding moments, “Don’t Leave Your Girl” and “Velvet” come to mind. Soul Singer KIRBY Is Giving Us Hair Life With This Retro Roller Set. We’re angry. 2. And it’s beautiful.”, The specific tracks that were our favorites when we listened to the EP ahead of its release included “Apple” and “We Don’t Funk,” one of the lead singles on the project. My female empowerment is tested the most when I’m in a relationship. I stopped and had to go back home and remember why I do [music]. I moved back home, and honestly, it was a divine, God moment. When people hear my music, I want them to think of me as their sis. “As soon as I quit all my work, the universe accepted it. Nobody checking for [us].” I wanted to make my first EP be about love because, as a Black woman, I’m not hard to love. “It’s what soul music sounds like when a woman falls in love and doesn’t give up her power.”. 1. Even if I wanted to go back to school, I couldn’t. What is this?” It’s not the easiest thing to do, but I think we found a couple of ways to push the genre forward, especially on “Velvet,” where it feels futuristic. 7 Songs. I make music for the powerful woman on the 24th floor in her building [who] wants to believe she can still be powerful and in love. I’m writing about a part of my life when I was in love. It needs to be where soul music is headed, not where soul has already been. A chart could never do that for me. When you’re fresh out of college and dropping out, you feel hella optimistic, and then all of a sudden, you’re like, “Wait! I would name drop everybody: H.E.R., Ari Lennox, Lucky Daye, Anderson .Paak, BJ The Chicago Kid. It’s like, “Damn! For those who don’t know, the Roc Nation artist has been in the industry for nearly a decade, penning songs for the likes of Beyoncé (“Die Without You”), Kanye West (“FourFiveSeconds”), and Ariana … I’m not waiting on the world to tell me that; I know that.

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