is there life on pluto

Since Pluto itself is small and its satellite Charon even smaller, any tidal effect is likely to be minimal, and Pluto is SO far from the Sun that virtually no solar energy reaches its surface. At that temperature, nitrogen freezes. The surface of Pluto is ridiculously cold, sometimes as low as -240 C (-400 F). pluto is way to distant and it also has no atmosphere, so no life could be sustained on the surface. Humans probably aren’t going to spend time on Pluto anytime soon. Is Pluto habitable? However, this does not rule out the possibility that life could have flourished below the surface. So I won't say that life on Pluto is impossible, but it's highly improbable. As we know, Pluto is so cold that ice there is stronger than the steel. 13 July 2015, by Matt Williams Artist’s illustration of Pluto, showing the tenuous atmosphere that has so far defied explanations. It is more than probable that life could not exist on the surface of Pluto, as it orbits the sun at an extreme distance. While it is likely a bit of a stretch to think humans are going to be packing up and taking a trip to stay on Pluto any time – it is not too farfetched to believe there could be alien life already on Pluto. No. There’s a small chance that Pluto’s subsurface ocean might harbor primitive life, and that could expand the search for habitable worlds out into the rest of the Kuiper Belt. That would mean if there were certain forms of life, they should be adapted to the very low temperatures that reach the minimum of -233 degrees Celsius (-387 Degrees F) due to its rocky surface and distance from the Sun. Is there life on Pluto? planet, experts say that life can grow almost anywhere and anything is possible in our universe. So it seems that a number of individuals think that there is liquid water on Pluto. The temperatures get as low as -240 °C (-400 °F) on the surface.

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