is sodium hydroxide solution hygroscopic

At the same time, the cases of hygroscopic substances are copper oxide, sodium trioxonitrate, and quick lime (CaO). I guess a competent chemist could do it as a matter of principle, but it is so difficult that it is not worth bothering. Comparison … Germinating seeds are hygroscopic. Chemical dangers The solution in water is a strong base. Zinc chloride, sodium chloride, and sodium hydroxide crystals are hygroscopic, as are silica gel, honey, nylon, and ethanol. Could it be that $\ce{Mg(OH)2}$ has a higher lattice energy; the hydroxide is more closely associated with the magnesium ion and less able to react with carbon dioxide? It reacts violently with acid and is corrosive to metals such as aluminium, tin, lead and zinc. Sulfuric acid is hygroscopic, not only when concentrated but also when reduced down to a concentration of 10% v/v or even lower. Sodium hydroxide is not a gas (its boiling point is 1,388 ºC) Footnote 20. A student placed a pellet of NaOH on a watch glass. Question: 1. A few days l… inorganic-chemistry. Its Mass Cannot Be Accurately Determined Due To Its Moisture Content, Making It Difficult To Calculated An Accurate Concentration Of The NaOH Solution Based On The Measured Mass Of NaOH Used To Make The Solution. STANDARDIZING The NaOH Solution: Sodium Hydroxide Is A Hygroscopic Solid -- I.e., It Absorbs Moisture Readily From The Air. … Sodium hydroxide is hygroscopic- -that is, it absorbs moisture when exposed to the atmosphere. After seeds have dried, their outer coating becomes hygroscopic and begins absorbing the moisture … SODIUM HYDROXIDE: ICSC: 0360: PHYSICAL & CHEMICAL INFORMATION; Physical State; Appearance WHITE HYGROSCOPIC SOLID IN VARIOUS FORMS. Examples include honey, glycerin, ethanol, methanol, concentrated sulfuric acid, and concentrated sodium hydroxide (lye). Sodium hydroxide is a white orthorhombic crystal and is hygroscopic Footnote 20. This produces a combustible/explosive gas (hydrogen - see ICSC 0001). Simple Asphyxiants: Not applicable. Physical dangers. No data. They would have to start by synthesizing pure NaOH, starting with high grade sodium in a controlled atmosphere. The examples of deliquescent substances are magnesium chloride, potassium hydroxide, iron chloride, sodium hydroxide, phosphorus oxide, and calcium chloride, while on its flip side, the example of efflorescence in which a compound go through this is washing soda. share | improve this question | follow | edited Feb 20 '15 at 16:25. ron. I know that sodium hydroxide is hygroscopic, but why not magnesium hydroxide (at least to the same extent as $\ce{NaOH}$)?

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