is red balau wood sustainable

Hardwood Flooring Molding Types: What's Your Style? Botanical Name. It is sold under names such as Nova Batu, Lightning Brand Mahogany, ExoDek Mahogany, Mangaris and Red Balau. Fiber Cement Siding: Making the Best Decision for Your Home, Rooftop Deck Construction: Considerations & Design Ideas, Wood vs. Vinyl Siding: Why a Premium Hardwood Siding Is Best, Hardwood vs Composite Decking: 5 Reasons to Choose Wood, Freshen Up Your Outdoor Furniture with an ExoShield Maintenance Coat, Film-Forming vs Penetrating Oil Wood Finishes, Thermal Bridging and Energy Efficiency in Rainscreen Siding, How to Prepare Your Deck Correctly for Wood Stain, Puzzling Decline in Demand for Forest Product Innovation, Pando - The Largest Living Organism in the World, Best Installation Practices for Hardwood Decking, Plantation Grown Mahogany Decking - Separating Fact from Fiction, Rooftop Decks - Installation Considerations when Using Hardwood, Red Balau Deck Protection, Restoration and Maintenance, Simple Steps for Prolonging the Life of Your Deck, Transparent Wood - The Wood of The Future, Weatherizing and Stain Options for Hardwood Decking, Benefits of Wood as a Sustainable Building Material (part 3), Best Fastening Methods for Hardwood Decking, Agriculture - The real antagonist of deforestation (part 2), Examining Lower Cost Alternatives to Ipe Decking, Clearing up the confusion of tropical logging (part 1). Grain Pattern: This type of wood has an interlocked grain pattern. Sealed balau does not need annual oiling, as the sealant holds in the wood's natural oils. Ultimate Lumber Calculator - Metric Standard Unit Conversions, Lapacho Prefinished Flooring - A Great Value, Brazilian Cherry Flooring - FSC Certification, Brazilian Apitong Trailer Decking History. Shorea albida. We instlled it. Sitemap. If your balau deck is exposed to direct sunlight for much of the day, the wood can become parched and cracked if you don't oil it at least annually. Red Balau Decking It is hard and durable and much more color consistent than other tropical decking species like Meranti, Ipe and Cumaru. Apitong lumber is available. Copyright © 2005-2020 Nova USA Wood Products LLC. Deck made of Red Balau wood. Unfinished VS Prefinished: Which Flooring Is Best for Your Customers? Want a timber decking that is hard wearing and naturally durable? Dark Red Balau 1×4 (net 3/4″) spans 16″ and is gapped a minimum of 3/16″. Sustainability: This type of wood species belong to Shorea genus. This Redish/Brown decking will turn a silverish/grey if allowed to weather over time. Comparison Between Balau Wood And Acacia Wood Balau Wood. Red Balau is sourced from countries that are leaders in sustainable forestry practices. It is resistant to wood shrinkage and splintering; It is highly durable and sustainable; Requires low-maintenance; Good quality wood at an affordable price; It can withstand extreme weather conditions; It is resistant to decay, molds and insect attacks; Class A’ flame spreading rating (same as concrete) 25 -Year Limited Warranty So, I will be attempting to re-sand the entire balcony and re-oil it again. Display Name: please be respectful of others' opinions and do not use profanity.comments may be edited for objectionable content. Your email address will not be published. It was lightly re-sanded and re-oiled...and looked good for a couple more months. I gave up. Mine looked bad after 3 months. Our Red Batu or Balau, commonly referred to as “Mahogany”, hardwood decking is sourced only from countries that are leaders in ecological, sustainable forestry practices. What Is the Ideal Gap Between Decking Boards? Texture: The texture of balau wood is rough and thus does not have a smooth surface. If you have experienced unwanted changes in the appearance of your Red Balau deck or if you have invested the time and effort into installing a new deck, in today's blog post we will try to provide you with answers on how to properly care for and protect your investment.   Air Drying vs. Kiln Drying: What’s the Best Way to Dry Hardwood? Nova USA and the Lacey Act: Quality Products Responsibly Harvested, Nova Featured Product: Brazilian Brownheart, Nova Featured Product: Brazilian Lacewood, Leopardwood.

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