is hp pavilion x360 good for video editing

i am looking to get in to video editing but just starting so i dont want high end equipment, i need something to start but can edit on it at least 2 years. HP Envy x360 with Ryzen 5 3500U, 8GB Ram, 512 NMVe SSD is good enough for doing all type of task including basic video editing. There are premium Ultrabooks that can provide 24 hours battery life but they are very expensive. As the other dude said, which i5 is important. It is equipped with an Intel Core i7 processor with UHD Graphics 620, which can handle almost everything except heavy duty video editing and gaming. There are various battery packs available in the market and most of them require a USB-C port to connect to the laptop. The touch screen is quite accurate and responsive, and colors look great on it. The headphone jack is present on the right while the SD memory card is located on the left. Third I do not trust HP… College students need a laptop that can make them accomplish various academic tasks and assist them with their busy routines. It’s a slim, sleek Ultrabook featuring an 8th-generation Intel processor, a discrete Nvidia GPU, 16GB of RAM and respectable battery life, all at a very reasonable price. And video rendering will take more time. There is a 12.5 mega-pixel camera present at the rear that takes nice and vibrant photos. There are presentations, documents, photos, videos, and a lot of other things that you need to store. Plus the compact form factor is … They have been around for nearly 10 years and come in all sorts of performance levels. This high-end HP laptop is for those college students who have a good budget and want a machine that could fulfill their gaming needs. This 15.6-inch laptop features an Intel UHD 605 Graphics and 4 GB of RAM. So, whether you need a laptop for completing your random day to day tasks or need to go through graphic designing or engineering courses, in this post we have got you covered. Most of the HP laptops are designed to bear good amount of abuse but if you want a premium one, you must go for the business-class laptops. It packs an ample 1 TB HDD storage capacity which works well for storing huge amounts of data and information. Quad core is recommended. These laptops are equipped with humidity, dust, shock, temperature, and vibration resistance. Overall, the Envy 13 is a capable device with compact design, bright 4K display, comfy keypad and impressive performance, making it a great choice for college students. See It Return to The Top; ... Cinebench is often a good predictor of our Handbrake video editing benchmark, in which … A good solution is to have an external battery backup with you and use it whenever your battery is out of power. The HP Z2 Tower G4 comes loaded with Windows 10 Pro, but you're able to order Linux or Windows 7 if desired. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the VideoEditing community, A subreddit for amateur, hobbyist, and prosumer editors to meet, share techniques and tutorials and find troubleshooting help. When it comes to buying laptops for college, you don’t just need machines that could help you complete reports and assignments. And its cost is also more around 42k. The laptop features bicolored plastic case and the bottom is silver colored. Try to increase your budget because you are going to buy laptop and will atleast work on it for 4 years. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Required fields are marked *. We think the HP 4ND16UA is a great choice for students who need a reliable laptop for light computing tasks and have a few hundred dollars to spend. It is equipped with the 7th generation Intel Core i5 which is powerful enough to run majority of programs on the machine. HP 2-in-1 12.3″ Touch-Screen Chromebook Intel Core M – 4GB Memory – 32GB eMMC Flash Memory (X2 12-F014D) White – New ». It’s fast as lightning and offers plenty of RAM and may be best PC for video editing if you prefer to edit in Final Cut Pro with a million different tabs open at a time. Here are the Best HP Laptops for College Students: Your email address will not be published. The laptop also has a touchscreen that is equipped with a 10-finger multi-touch support. The Spectre x360 is lightweight and portable and has surprisingly thin bezels. The HP gadgets feature a unique style, and their quality and reliability is matchless. The laptop includes lots of accessories such as the Stylus and the keyboard that enhance the overall productivity of the system. The laptop is perfect for college students who don’t have a lot to spend but still demand a well built, feature-complete machine. At college, your laptop will be moving around from one room to another and will bear the rigorous usage of combined studies at night. The ideal size for a portable laptop for college students should be around 12 to 14 inches. The laptop is perfect for a college students who need to do extensive research, browsing, write essays, or compile budget worksheets. If you can spend a little more than the HP Pavilion costs, then you must try the HP ENVY x360 laptop. The Best Laptops for Video and Photo Editing Updated November 24, 2020 After our latest research and testing, we’ve updated this guide with new recommendations, and our top pick is … Second, dual core processor is not very strong at video editing. First it is lacking a SD card slot. If you’re a student who needs an affordable option, choose HP Pavilion 14 as your companion on the go. However, if you need more storage you can go for the external storage option, too. It has a 14-inch crisp display coupled with 8 GB of RAM and an ample amount of storage. What's your budget? HP has a range of different laptops in the market, but not all are suitable for the college students. However, for users with no experience with video editing … Always go for a lightweight laptop with a sleek and slim design. The laptop is equipped with an entry-level Pentium quad-core processor which is powerful enough to assist you with your writing tasks, excel sheets, watching movies, research work, and other basic tasks. The HP laptops reviewed in this post meet all the required criteria of ideal laptops for college students. Newest HP High Performance 15.6” HD Touch-Screen Notebook Computer with Intel Pentium N5000 Processor, 4GB_RAM, 1TB Hard Drive, Webcam, WiFi and Bluetooth, HDMI, Windows 10 (Black) ». HP Pavilion x360 14 LTE (2020) HP Pavilion x360 14 LTE ($699.99 at HP. Overall, its performance is good as it has enough computing power for various functions. It also offers some decent security features including a fingerprint scanner and a physical webcam kill switch on the side of the machine. As the other dude said, which i5 is important. Shop HP ENVY 17 Laptops Now. The laptop should be reliable enough that it will last years of writing papers and taking notes in class as well as binge-watching Netflix, YouTube and the like. At a slightly higher price point than the HP … After hundreds of hours of testing time with the best HP laptops, here’s our list of the greatest you can buy. You can also find HP EliteBook x360 models with touch screens so you can get hands-on with your projects, along with numerous screen sizes and resolutions. HP ENVY 13-13.99 Inches Thin Laptop w/ Fingerprint Reader, 4K Touchscreen, Intel Core i7-8565U, NVIDIA GeForce MX250 Graphics, 16GB SDRAM, 512GB SSD, Windows 10 Home (13-aq0044nr, Natural Silver) ». Read the rules before you post; there are monthly threads for feedback, software and hardware (posting on these topics will be removed), Press J to jump to the feed. HP Pavilion 14″ HD Notebook , Intel Core i5-7200U Processor up to 3.10 GHz, 8GB DDR4, 1TB Hard Drive, No DVD, Webcam, Backlit Keyboard, Bluetooth, Win 10 ». It features dual USB Type-C ports that are split on the left and right sides. 7 Best Laptops for AutoCAD and Revit in 2020, Best FreeSync 2 Gaming Monitor 2020: Budget, 4K and More, Best Monitor for Eye Strain 2020 | Eye Care Monitor Reviews, 7 Best Laptops for AutoCAD and Revit [Oct. 2020], Best HDMI Switch 2020: For Gaming, 4K 60Hz, and More, MacBook Pro 2015 Compatible SSD – Our Top 3 Picks. Storage:Being a college student, you’ll have to store a lot of data and information in your machine. The price of the laptops depends on the features and components, and thus it is imperative to decide what you need. The battery life is perfect as it lasts all day after being charged. Which i5? HP Pavilion 14 is though not as stylish as other HP laptops, it is the most affordable one which delivers excellent value for money. The buttons of the HP Pavilion X360 have very good bounce and the ability to respond to information quickly, thereby making processing tasks smoother and easier than ever. You have to use a dongle to plug in SD card. It delivers massive amount of power and is good for gaming and day to day tasks. It wont be very good for most video editing, but it depends on what you are doing. RELATED7 Best Laptops for AutoCAD and Revit in 2020, Your email address will not be published. HP – ENVY x360 2-in-1 15.6″ Touch-Screen Laptop – Intel Core i7 – 12GB Memory – 256GB Solid State Drive – HP Finish In Natural Silver ». In fact, the best thing about this laptop is its screen and the dazzling exterior. The HP Envy has a wide screen and is a good option for those who are looking forward to solid audio and clear images.

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