is frayed blade good

WA R1 deals pretty decent damage. TheCoolz (Topic Creator) 3 years ago #4. Because the WA R2 comes out so quickly, you can use it in place of running R1s to mix things up. If you find more than a couple of chipped teeth, consider having the blade resharpened, or buy a new one. User Info: TheCoolz. Which is why I wondered whether the drop in … SL 133 Waifu (Frayed Blade/30% Flynn's Ring) PvP Build. And it won’t matter how good your fertilizer is, as it’s not going to repair the damage done by a dull blade. Grab some blade cleaner and a soft bristle brush and go to work. Spamming the R2 weapon art applied bleed very fast. The weapon art is what makes the Frayed Blade good. Frayed blade because of it's versatile moves and range option makes dealing with multiple people a lot easier and black blade for the pure AR to kill squishier phantoms quickly. Problem is that the weapon arts does not have any hyper-armor and you can be destroyed by hyperarmor-oriented weapons and enemies having poise. Combine that with an offhand Old Wolf Curved Sword if you want. Yeah, I was thinking due to the multi-hit WA, you can apply bleed fast. You should be two handing this weapon most of the time, although it is also quite good one handed as well due to the usefulness the one handed R2. What makes the Frayed Blade good is the WA. Plus the R1 WA has a ranged attack. ATTRIBUTES: ... Pontiff's Right Eye is good with bosses that allow you to maintain momentum while also giving you time to do the flurry skill like Twin Princes. Add Some Teeth for Better Bite. Then, when the blade is clean, have a close look at every tooth. Frayed Blade 101 - You have 3 options for stats for this weapon: A) Minimum stat requirements, B) 26 STR/40 DEX, or C) 26 STR/60 DEX. When you’ve got thousands and thousands of grass blades with frayed ends making up your lawn, it’s unattractive. It performs pretty well in both PvE and PvP, albeit it has low durability. The R2 WA is deadly if you get Caught in it. Frayed Blade is pretty much your average katana with cool weapon arts. Do a few running R1s to bait a parry then run up to them and pull out the WA R2.

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