iron cross exercise

iron cross. If you are looking for an advanced exercise that will strengthen your whole body, then the Iron Cross Exercise is for you. Hold momentarily at the end position … The only iron cross … Find the best exercises with our Exercise Guides and build your perfect workout. Movement: Starting from the support position with arms extended on gymnastic rings, slowly lower yourself until your arms parallel to the ground. Instructions . This lift is a Strength Training exercise commonly used in the weight … iron cross is a free weights and total body exercise that primarily targets the shoulders and to a lesser degree also targets the chest, traps, quads, lower back, glutes and hamstrings. Learn to perform every exercise! The Exercise Guide has exercise videos, photos, details, community tips and reviews to help you reach your fitness goals ... Iron … Hold two dumbbells straight in front of you, parallel to the floor, and sink into a narrow squat, with your legs in line with your shoulders.

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